Thursday, 31 July 2014

Clothes maketh the woman

I met with two friends for a drink and something light to eat tonight.  No biggie, right?  (No pun intended...)  Except we went to a hip members' club in hip Hoxton.  I'm surprised they let me in - and I wouldn't be surprised if they terminate my friend's membership as a result!

I am the antithesis of hip.  I'm kinda frumpy really.  That's not exactly a style choice, but it how it all ends up.  I felt acutely uncomfortable all night.

I texted one friend to say that I'd have to buy an outfit if we were to do that again - but it's really like the pig's proverbial lipstick, ie inconsequential to the overall effect.

I am sure it was supposed to be a treat and I feel mean that I hated it so much.

And I wish I could get a makeover.  Is there a way or an outfit that could make me look okay whilst I (over)fill it in the way I do?  I don't think so.  I don't mean a makeover, do I?  I essentially mean the whole magic wand bit - and actually even the Fairy Godmother had decent base material to work with!  Hmm, as ever, I seem to be left hoping for a miracle!


Linz M said...

You are very harsh on yourself! I am sure you looked lovely and no one thought you shouldn't be there.

What is your usual style? I tend to buy everything online these days from ASOS mostly. I find comfort is key to feeling good, jumpsuits of all things are my current obsession :)


Seren said...

When we met, I thought you looked beautiful - in fact, I seem to recall describing you as glamorous to D. It's not just about clothes but with your lovely makeup and glossy hair and general aura you definitely have an air of old school Hollywood. Clothes shopping is horrible when you're not feeling great about yourself - but have a bit more faith, frumpy is definitely not an adjective that I would apply!


Gabby said...

I know exactly how you feel, but here I would urge you to listen to Seren. You are definitely not objective when it comes to assessing your own good qualities. I'm sure you looked lovely and not out of place at all.