Monday, 11 August 2014

Clothes line

Do you know, I am actually glad we're not going on holiday this year?  And that is only because of the agonies about clothes.  Much more so if it's somewhere hot where I might have to wear a swimsuit - or look odd.  Or look a damn sight more than odd in a swimsuit of course!

As it is I'm fretting at the back of my mind about dinner in a posh hotel restaurant for P's birthday.  I seem to be treating it like I treat mirrors - I look at it out of the corner of my eye, and yet manage not to see beyond which is necessary.  Although if I don't get on and book it, it won't happen anyway.  A couple of years ago we went there and I wore a navy lace pencil skirt and a satin belted kimono jacket and actually felt pretty good: I was at least 2 sizes smaller.  My pencil skirt days are behind me literally and metaphorically.

We've been doing lots of hiking - in fact so much that I struggle to stay awake on Saturday evenings. I'm also trying to do one or two long walks during the week.  Does this help?  Who knows.  I suppose it gives me the illusion of trying but I don't think I'm any slimmer.

Still putting some effort in to food - I manage a healthy, low-carb breakfast, lunch and dinner but I'm eating too much fruit and too many snacks.  The odd bag of crips (even lower calorie ones) DOES count and I need to stop that.  I seem to be hungry a lot at the moment and I don't know why.  Mind you, there's an unopen bag of nuts on my desk that I could eat instead of Wotsits and must.  They'd fill me up too.  It's just they're so..... worthy.  No matter.  I pledge: no more crisps.

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