Friday, 15 August 2014

Salad Days

Because of trying to eat low-carb, my work lunchtimes are stultifying similar: essentially salad in the summer and soup in the winter.  I don't know why a sandwich seems more interesting and should seem to have more variables but it does.

I tend to eat the same thing until I can stand it no more and I am lacking inspiration to think of new combinations - so I thought I'd ask you.

At the moment I'm eating chicken and avocado - leaves, marinaded chicken, half an avocado and a couple of baby tomatoes with balsamic dressing

Previous choices I'm now sick of:

1) Smoked salmon and prawn with Marie Rose sauce, half an avocado, cucumber and leaves

2) Proscuitto, dolcelatte and fig with leaves and balsamic dressing

Any bright non-carb ideas?  Any soup ideas also welcome!

Today I have a day's leave and am meeting my mum, niece and nephew to do a treasure hunt in the City and a trip on the river bus and cable car.  Should be active and as my brother lives in Cheshire, I don't see them much.

Tomorrow we have an epic hike with friends - including pub lunch.  I had to check with them whether they'd be okay for a 10 miler as last time we took friends hiking, they were so exhausted they fell asleep in their dinner!  Oops.


Linz M said...

I've taken to making 'quiches' without pastry. Usually bacon (fat removed), onions & mushrooms, dry fried then stirred into egg and fat free cottage cheese, popped into muffin moulds and baked. Tasty and filling since they are high protein. There are loads of Slimming world recipes online.

Otherwise, I've been making cauliflower flat bread - sounds rank, very tasty. Google Slimming Eats blog - lots of SW or Paleo recipes on there.

Other lunches for me are usually left overs - chilli or bolognese works well without any carb accompaniment.

Sandwiches though.... desperate for some fat white bread and butter!! x

Gabby said...

How about a tuna Niçoise sans potato? You could has cannellini beans instead if you're so inclined. Or hot smoked trout or mackerel with radicchio; cold roast beef with leaves and horseradish sauce? Pear, walnut, and blue cheese? Cold roast vegetables with feta? I sympathise with the endless quest to keep coming up with diet friendly meal ideas.

Seren said...

Hmmmm...crispy bacon and hard boiled egg with honey mustard dressing? As Gabby said, I thought roast veg and feta might be a good one - or roast veg and halloumi? Tuna? Smoked peppered mackerel? Sweet chilli chicken or salmon with peppers, baby corn and sugar snap peas - sort of stir fry influenced salad? What about pulses - or are they very carby? I'm afraid I'm not great with carb contents!

Hope all is going well with the new job.


Gabby said...

Oh and I also made a really nice soup last night - butternut squash and leek, puréed, topped with finely sliced radicchio sautéed in balsamic vinegar.