Friday, 2 May 2014


There were carbs over Easter.  Especially – in fact exclusively – hot cross buns.  So I was worrying about getting on SoD.  Admittedly, I always get worried about getting on SoD.  I tried to rationalise it away today and justify delaying WI to Friday.  But I was working overnight on that Thursday which means typing furiously and non-stop from 6-9am which makes the whole WI thing difficult.  I usually weigh first thing but ‘forgot’ until I was in the shower.  Cue intense internal dialogue about how this might affect the result:

Well, the extra water might make me heavier

But then I’ve washed dirt off* so that might make me lighter

Even I have sufficient self-awareness that I realised I was prevaricating.  I got on the sodding SoD: Repulsive.9 ¼ lbs.  That’s ¼lb off.  It was a blip, clearly but I’ll take it. 
It might explain why this week's WI had me staying the same after a pretty damn good week.   Still Repulsive.9 ¼ lbs.  Running to stand still?  (No, NOT literally!  Forget the couch to 5k thing!)
Not sure where the next WI will take me but I've had some kind of virus which, aside from making me pathetically weak and with a splitting headache, makes me feel nauseous in the evenings - so I've not eaten a lot.  Mind you, a couple of meals have been toast.  Not good on the carb front - what DO you eat that's bland and comforting but not carbs?  I can't work it out anyway.
I'm hoping to get out for a proper hike on Sunday - I need to feel better for the weekend, surely?  And hurrah for three day weekends (even if I don't finish work until Saturday morning)!
* I am not that dirty, promise



Linz M said...

Yuck, hope you feel better soon xx

Seren said...

So it's a no to the 5k thing then?? :-)

Holidays and being out of routine always make things difficult so recording a slight loss is brilliant. Hope this weekend sees you better.


Gabby said...

To even stay the same around Easter is a huge achievement!
On another note... I find it a bit sad that you're referring to your weight bracket as "repulsive". I understand so well that internal dialogue that says you're repulsive, disgusting, etc. But I don't think externalising it and having to keep referring to it here is going to do you any favours. I don't want to come off preachy or patronising, please don't misunderstand me, but I think you should be a little more kind to yourself; and I bet you're the only person in the world who has ever described you as repulsive. You'd never call a friend that, so maybe you could be a little easier on yourself?

Lesley said...

Hey Peri....Gabby saying what I've been saying for kind to yourself sweetie! Well done on 2 weeks in a row not gaining and keep it up!! L xxx

caroline said...

I 3rd that. If you keep telling people you are fat or whatever they will begin to believe you, whereas before many do not notice as much as we think.

You are not fat.
You have fat, but are not defined by it.

stay positive, sounds like you avoided all the eggs anyway?!