Friday, 14 March 2014

Jean libels

This is why I hate SoD.  I hoped for 3lbs loss this week – my inexplicable 2lbs gain from last week and another.  It seemed a fair target – not too ambitious – given a good week and a mammoth walk last weekend.  Well, my loss does have a 3 in it but that would be a loss of ¾ lb.  It’s heart-breaking.  I know it shouldn’t be and I should get some perspective but it is and I can’t.
I may have maligned the jeans.  My bruises are fading although I am (clearly) not diminishing.  Admittedly I don’t wear them much but I think it wasn’t them.  Okay, they compressed me painfully and fiercely but I think the bruises were from trying to negotiate around a solid sleigh bed, approximately 4” from the wall.  This is a width restriction I was clearly never going to achieve but shoved my way through in any case.
I would ordinarily now have boasted about my great week.  How conscientious I’ve been, how dedicated to The Great De-blimp.  How my goal is 3 ½ stone by mid October (with an eye to getting into my winter coat this year).  But now – thanks be to SoD – I can’t.  So, that’s that.
Other greatness has not happened this week.  Work is grim.  And hard.  And thankless.  There are two jobs I’m applying for – one is decidedly a long shot.  I’ve been here before (metaphorically) and yet I’m still here (literally).  We have sprung two leaks in our flat – at either extreme.  The flooring will definitely have to come up and there’s a real chance that the walls will have to be knocked into (what idiot puts pipes IN a wall?).  The bright spot of this week has been starting my Level 3 wine course.  The people weren’t terribly friendly and the exam sounds terrifying but I think I’m going to learn a LOT.
Signing out, damp and fat but looking forward to a sunny weekend with NO WORK.


Lesley said...

Yay! No work and a drop on the scales!! I know it's not what you wanted but it shows that you CAN drop the lard, it's just slow. So dont look back and worry about the 2 you lost then regained or forward and torment yourself with targets and coats etc, enjoy the weekend. Live in the moment.

Very sorry about the pipes though. That sounds like a proper pain.

Lesley xx

Lesley said...

I JUST posted and it's gone. Unless you now moderate.

So, will retype.

Yay! No work and a drop on the scales!! I know it was less than you wanted but it shows you can drop, albeit slowly.

I would try and live in the moment if I were you. Let go of the past, especially those 2 lbs, and dont torment yourself with targeys for the future. Enjoy the here and now for what it is.

I'm very sorry to hear about the pipes though. What a monumental pain!

Have a great weekend. L xx

Lesley said...

Ha ha....don't know what happened there....consider this post well and truly commented upon!!

Seren said...

I think Lesley is right - focus on the fact that you had a good loss and don't worry about what was and what will be. Easy to say, not so easy to do I know, I am trying so hard not to torture myself with diet maths at the moment...

The wine course sounds brilliant! We will have to meet up so that you can, er, practice... :-)