Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Melt down

I imagine it’s a bit like running: every now and again in dieting, you hit the wall.  I seem to have slammed into it face-first.  I’m not really doing a good job at what I’m doing and I’ve lost my mojo as what I am doing doesn’t seem to be having any effect.  And I can’t seem to find the energy or inspiration to do much about it – I’m drifting along without a sense of purpose, direction or achievement.
I think I’ve wrung every analogy out of this situation now but I am sure that all of you have felt like this before.  I find it so difficult because I don’t have anything I can fall back on that I know works; I’m not sure what to do.
This lassitude is also probably due to the fact that I work in an office with neither windows nor air-con and by mid afternoon, I feel beaten by the heat.  I am not complaining about the external temperature, it’s lovely to have a summer for a change, but the temperature in my office is hitting 30°and I am complaining about that.  From a semi supine position.  I can barely summon up the mental willpower to stay upright, let alone devise fierce new dieting strategies.  I’m actually looking forward to having to be outside all day on Friday as it must surely be cooler than this.  I’m actually not convinced that this isn’t the fires of hell roasting me.
I also have (whisper it) chub-rub, hangs head.  Could there be anything more shameful and painful?  (Well, maybe some venereal diseases I guess...).  I’ve not had it for years but I suspect the combination of a sudden summer and extra weight has landed me back in the territory where every step hurts.  Physically wounded – and sartorially too: I do not think that the heat is a friend to the fat girl.  Maybe some have it sorted but I think I have the sort of body that’s best swathed under layers of wool and flannel (although liberation from opaque tights is wonderful (chub rub aside)).
But if summer doesn’t like me, I’m determined to cosy up to it anyway.  We have hike/BBQ plans again for the weekend which I’m anticipating with joy after last weekend saw me skulking resentfully indoors, working, whilst the sounds of other people enjoying the sunshine floated through my window.  I’ve started the countdown to the weekend early.  All I have to do is get there without melting.  Or becoming too delirious....


Badger said...

I always suffer from this in the summer and obviously even more so at 7 months pregnant. I've found that I've had to ditch my pretty knickers in favour of cotton ones which helps. Plus Savlon.
I've been know to cut off opaque tights before to make some sort of sexy cycling short undergarment which helps. But yes, it's probably too hot for that!
In any case, I sympathise..xx

Seren said...

I am not a fan of summer heat and entirely sympathise with the uncomfortable office. I only manage to get through the day because of a fiercely defended desk fan that I laid claim to years ago and now refuse to give up. This dieting ennui will pass - and in the meantime, I find the heat acts as a natural and most welcome appetite suppressant.

Your weekend plans sound lovely - enjoy!


Lesley said...

But "chub rub" sounds so cute.....it cant be what I suspect you mean!!

Commiserations on the dieting ennui and the ovrn working conditions. Sounds grim. Not too bad in our open plan office as long as we remember to close the blinds early and working from home fine too.

I have been doing okay, nothing more but suspect a reversal for some reason this week. I'm not feeling the love at the mo.

We will get there hon. Hang in there and try not to undo your hard work until the inspiration returns.

Lesley xx

Charlotte said...

You may or may not thank me for this, but you can buy "comfort shorts" from Evans to prevent the dreaded chub rub. I have put on weight this year (loads of it too :( ) and the chub rub is back for me. I bought a couple of pairs of these and they are fantastic - can now wear skirts/dresses with gay abandon ;) And they're not hot to wear either, even in this heat.