Wednesday, 3 July 2013


Ladies and gentlemen, I introduce you to the semi-stave day.  On Monday for reasons which I will not try your patience with I absolutely knew I could not do a starve day.  Not a fabricated excuse, I just couldn’t do it, I was very, very tired and other than that needed to be a bit kind to myself.  Not so short term kind to myself that I ate anything and everything I fancied though.  So I had a bit less food than a normal day but a bit more than a stave day – this meant that I had a grapefruit and coffee for breakfast, a salad and a small bag of air-popped popcorn and a peach for lunch and steamed fish and veg for dinner and some strawberries.  Anyway, it felt like a good compromise at the time but it’s not something that I can do very often.  In fact, writing this I’ve realised that actually it’s almost a non-starve day except I’d have some yoghurt for breakfast too – so essentially I bamboozled myself into thinking I was being good and really I wasn’t.  Sigh.
Of course, everything is comparative: yesterday a stressful (official) non-starve day was okay except for TWO frappuccinos.  I hang my head in shame.  I couldn’t get out of the office at lunchtime (luckily I’d brought a nicoise in.  Although a nicoise without anchovies is a poor thing indeed.) and we have no ventilation in the office.  Or air con.  The air was almost visible it was such a fug of too many people in too little space and no air.  I went a bit nuts and had to escape outside for 5 minutes – which led me to the coffee shop and a mocha frappuccino.  At least I managed to resist the wonderful sounding, coffee-free Oreo frappuccino.  Oh okay, it was only because it had white chocolate in it and I don’t like white chocolate.  Ahem.  Incidentally, I always feel smug in rejecting the cream on the top – which, of course I would love – but really any ‘beverage’ that comes with cream as standard is quietly telling you that it’s a liquidy pudding.  No more frappuccinos for this glutton this week in any case.
I’m still very tired and feel some caffeine would be welcome but a stave day really doesn’t cater for that.  It’s surprising how quickly 500 calories goes (if anyone says yes on one frappuccino – sans cream – I will have to come and kill you).  I’ve had 2 cups of green tea and a prawn salad and essentially only have another salad, possibly a punnet of raspberries and more green tea to look forward to.  Next week I may have to do two starve days on consecutive days which is not an appealing prospect.  Two is a minimum though so at the moment and looking at my diary, I can’t see I have much choice.  Still, it’s Thursday and Friday and maybe by then my miracle will kick in and I’ll wake up slim and won’t need to starve.  Or even wake up slim-ish – see how ready I am to compromise?


Seren said...

Speaking as a binger par excellence, two frappucinos hardly counts as a blip, let alone full on gluttony. You are so hard on yourself that it makes me want to cry - and give you a cuddle as well. And I know that a lot of it is driven by your, frankly, evil metabolism. But hearing what you eat on a compromise day - that makes me blench; not because it isn't nice food - indeed, it sounds yummy, but because I physically couldn't subsist on it. So give yourself the credit that you absolutely deserve. And hoist your chin in the air.


Linz M said...

I absolutely agree with Seren, if I'm being gluttonous, 2 frappucinos wouldn't even be the tip of the iceberg.

Don't be so hard on yourself, you've more self control than I could ever possibly imagine having xx

Lesley said...

I echo both of the above. I truly hope this fasting works cos it sounds horrible.

Cuddles from sunny Lincolnshire from me, Shelagh and Minty. We've left the boys bonding at home while we look after Nana.

Lesley xx

Gabby said...

As others have said, your self control is extraordinary to me and it's horribly unjust that you're not practically waif-like by now - which just goes to show how much that other doctor knew. I honestly don't think he can be keeping up with current research much.

My mother heard an interview with one of these periodic fast proponents on the radio the other day and he said that he fasts from 2pm one day til the next - it might be a bit easier doing it over two days, since you get some sleep in the middle and a proper meal either side. Worth considering?