Monday, 4 February 2013

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder: part 2

I have often wondered how much easier my life would be if I were gorgeous.  With more than a soupcon of bitterness I thought that the pretty people drift through life, gilded with blessings and lesser mortals buying them drinks and gifts and currying favour.
It may be true, but I’ve just been inducted to the dark side.  I have a pretty friend.  He’s very pretty.  When I first met him I was sure I’d dislike him as he would clearly be arrogant.  So, possibly the first disadvantage – prejudiced people like me will dislike you for no other reason than your chiselled cheekbones, big blue eyes and general attractiveness.  Anyway, I was proven to be wrong.  He’s as pretty on the inside and the least vain and arrogant person ever – he genuinely doesn’t believe he’s that good looking.  But we went for at least 3 months at work with most of the girls in the office giggling like 12 years olds confronted with a boy-band every time he opened his mouth.
None of that is the dark side.  The dark side is that one woman at work is pursuing him with the delicacy and determination of an unbalanced stalker.  She literally tries to grab him and kiss him, has propositioned him many times, told other people there’s something going on between then – and in a spectacular coup de grace, told his sister (who she’d never met before) that she didn’t care that he was married, she was going to split them up and “have him”.  I don’t know if she meant it in the Mills and Boons sense consciously but subliminally it’s clear what she meant.
She’s been so convincing that I even wondered if there was something going on.  And it really upset me.  We know and love him and his wife and I suddenly wondered if I’d got it wrong.  P calmed me down as I couldn’t get hold of my friend but in the end we talked.  And the whole sordid story came out.  I don’t often go to work drinks so I was oblivious to this until recently – when I tried to distract this girl from pursuing my friend like an exocet. 
He’s upset as she’s told half the office that there’s something going on between them – or implied it.  And he blames himself for some banter between them – although it sounds like inept parrying to her innuendoes to me.  He loves his wife; she doesn’t have the ‘glamma girl’ looks of our colleague but she’s a fresh-faced, outdoorsy blonde who is one of the loveliest people I’ve ever met.  It’s no wonder he adores her – and they are perfect together; no-one who saw them together could doubt it.  Luckily he’s leaving for a new job in a couple of weeks but it’s really been an eye-opener.
Would I take this over the problems I’ve been having?  I think so – but then the grass is always greener, isn’t it?

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Lesley said...

Poor beggar. If your office wasnt so mad I'd say, report the bitch!!

As for beauty, only the outdoorsy, healthy sort. Cant stand the teased, primped, coloured, straightened perfection that is served up as "beauty" these days.

Lesley xx