Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Not as flat as all that

On the basis that what doesn't kill you makes you stronger, I'm pretty damn strong at the moment. 

I found a mostly-off-road cycle trail in a book that we fancied trying on Saturday; it was 22 miles - which seemed on the wimpy side but manageable.  We were gone four and a half hours.  Seriously.  I've taken off the time P took to mend both our chains when they got stuck.  With at least 5 miles still to go, I felt really tired and turning the pedals became more and more of an effort.  Suffolk is not as flat as you might think - it has a lot of barely discernable but long inclines (up of course) which became very discernable as time went on.  Even P who walks up 18 flights of stairs every day was flagging by the end.  I had to sit on the sofa comatose before I could summon up the energy to get in the shower.

So, I ought to have a respectable loss tomorrow.  The two 'fasting' days this week have been my toughest yet - not sure whether it was the cycle ride, the fact that my period has just started or some other random factor.  I'm looking forward to being able to eat a little more tomorrow though.  And looking forward to a good result (p-l-e-a-s-e Scales of Doom).  (Ms Kay - have answered your question as best I can (not sure what the opposite of diet guru is but that's me) in the comments section under your comment.)

Actually I have a critical shopping trip tomorrow - for bridesmaids' dresses - and may not have time to think about food too much.  I'm meeting my two best friends and we're hoping that some time and determination will find what has so far been a disturbingly elusive dress.  I want it to be purple, them both to love it and ideally be something they can wear again.  It doesn't sound hard, does it?  We shall see.

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Seren said...

I found Monsoon and Coast both quite good for potential
bridesmaid outfits I went for black though which was a little easier to source than a particular colour. It might be worth considering going for something neutral and then accessorising in the purple shade??

Fingers crossed for SOD!