Friday, 24 August 2012

Hedonism ahoy!

My bi-annual bout of hedonism is about to commence.  I look forward to this with more than usual eagerness as today I'm on a 'fasting' day and so am a) hungry and b) very, very tired of cottage cheese.  But tomorrow there will be cake!  Croissant!  Dinner out with pudding! Wine! All of which I am sure will make me very sad when I crawl back to Scales of Doom on Wednesday.  I may even chicken out....  But in the meantime I will enjoy immensely.

It's my 3rd day of 'fasting' this calendar week but diet weeks currently start on a Wednesday and I can't see when I'm going to fit in another before next Wednesday.  No matter, I will be 'fasting' next Wednesday and Thursday (probably) and I'm sure it will be a grievous shock to the system after a few days off.

Yesterday afternoon I took a half day's leave to do more wedding stuff.  Poor P tried on many suits in order to find 'the one'.  His line in the sand was that he wanted them to have a working cuff.  This automatically cut out almost all the suits we looked at.  In the end, having been to a number of posher options, we found that the Saville Row collection for M&S were a great buy - okay, they were expensive (especially for M&S) but the fit and the quality was great.  And then we found that they had 20% off!  This cheered P up no end - after walking for miles and being sold at by salemen intent on making him buy something he didn't want and didn't like, he was not happy mid point through the afternoon.  We also bought bridesmaids' dresses and ties for the groomsmen.  P told the man in the tie shop that we'd actually met there (we did!) and now we'd come back to buy ties for our wedding - the man showed some interest but didn't offer us a discount, affected by the romance of the moment!

Laden, we staggered in to an over-crowded pub to meet the secret drinkers from my office (ie the nice people who had snuck off and not told the coven of evil managers or the brown-nosers, rather than people with alcohol problems) where I discovered that foregoing alcohol in the interests of The Diet meant that 2 gin and diet tonics made me rather squiffy.  Maybe I'm not build for hedonism!


Love Cat said...

Whoa whoa whoa...

Stop the bus. You met in a tie shop?


Ms Kay said...

^^^^ I'm with Love Cat in the WOAH^^^^
A person can't just casually mention they met their husband to be in a tie shop without filling in the blanks of the story .
Rule 56
Section C

amy said...

I agree with Ms. K! I came here to say that very thing! Do tell.

Lesley said...

Yes, quite! Tie Shop Tales please.

And I'm glad there are some nice people in your office.

Enjoy your hedonism!!

Lesley xx