Wednesday, 24 December 2008

Merry Christmas one and all

It's Christmas Eve and I'm sitting in a near empty office feeling sick. I've got a nasty cold with the added extra features of nausea and light headedness (and that's before alcohol - in fact, thinking about it, perhaps alcohol would sort it out, rather like a double negative). I have lousy timing. And I've given the cold to the bf (the gift you don't have to wrap...) too who is cranky and grumpy about it. It doesn't bode well for a festive atmosphere!

But today - after I finally am allowed to escape the office - all I have to do is lug home some shopping and my computer, wrap two presents, stick labels on the presents, make custard and pack to go over to my mum's. This seems comparatively lazy after the last few days! The veg are pre-prepard, ready to cook for tomorrow and I managed to find a lobster for my mother (a pesky pescatarian) - which was a Christmas miracle in itself - and bf picked up the chicken etc from Borough Market. If we can just feel better now we'll be about ready for Christmas!

So we're at my mum's tonight and will walk the dogs with her tomorrow (and yes they have presents and yes we've wrapped them - they love that!), then go to bf's sister's for a couple of hours at midday, then back to our flat to cook an early dinner - my mum's coming to join us with the dogs. Hilariously Lily (chocolate Lab) realised last time she came that she was on the 2nd floor as she looked down at the ground through the window in astonishment and back up at us to communicate her amazing find! Then big walk on Boxing Day with homemade celeriac and stilton soup to take and a flask of hot chocolate with marshmellows waiting for us in the car with mince pies. And a very traditional moules frites for supper (ahem)! And pear and butterscotch trifle (which I'm making the custard for tonight). All this is just making me sick and dizzy but even if I don't recover, I'm not one of those girls who doesn't eat when they're sick sadly - quite the contrary.

New year, new job (as Mrs rightly said) - and new determination to get back to the slimmer side of a size 14? Yep, hoping I find that in my XL stocking.

Merry Christmas everyone.


Mrs said...

That's the spirit. New us in 2009! Blimey, that is some Christmas menu, BTW!!!

Big fat kiss to the woofers.

LOL Mrs Lxxxxx

Lesley said...

Hope you had a good time and have beaten the dreaded lurgy!

Yes - much positivity for 2009 - we can do it!!!

Lesley x