Thursday, 23 October 2008

The Great Chav Wedding

I sooo don't want to go. I have finally got an outfit (or mostly) - size 14 skirt, size 18 shirt and size 16 jacket, what does that mean? The shirt is admittedly very fitted and the 16 did fit except for one button across the bust but I still feel very fed up about buying anything that's an 18. But after about 6 full days of shopping (not all consecutive) I was at screaming point and pretty desparate.

The Chav bride has had 3 of her 4 proposed hen events - my brother stood firm about no3 which was to have been a week away with some of her chav friends whilst he took on all the child care with the help of my mother.

Today I raised with my brother how wrong I felt it was that my mother wasn't invited to any of the hen dos - I think it is general practice. He disagreed and then we got into a whole email conversation which he claimed to do alot for my mother (I don't think he does). I pointed out that she does alot for him too. He thinks that anything involving his children is actually a huge treat for the person roped in - so all her babysitting was rather brushed aside. And he said the chav side of the family did alot more, then he said that he knew I wasn't the chav's greatest fan. I replied that I had never said anything against her (well, to him at any rate!) and it was clear that she didn't like me or my mother (we went over there this morning as my mum takes daughter 1 to nursery on a Thursday and chav didn't even say hello) but that it was his choice. I just got an email back saying he was going to leave it and "that was stupid". I feel very stirred up about it. And now I want to go to the wedding even less. And I especially don't want to do a reading - it's clear I was only asked as everything else is entirely dominated by her family and friends. My mum, bf, aunt, cousin and I have all been put on the same table with all the children to look after (none of them are ours) so it's clear that we're being used as a cheap childcare option.

The chav and her sisters and her mother are all going for a spray tan just before the wedding (the chav is ginger and these fake tans make her look top to toe orange). At least, as I told bf, he will be able to tell who is joining the family as they'll all be neon orange. Nice.


beth said...

Ah, families! I hope you can arrange a nice (nonfood) treat to sweeten the weekend for you. And my sympathies on the shopping front! Good luck with it all...

Lesley said...

Very funny to read but I'm sure wuite hurtful for you to see your mum etc being pushed to one side. Take the moral high ground and be thankful that you're not orange!!

Oh, and be careful not to call her "chav" to her face....after referring to her as that for so long, it might just slip out!!

Lesley x

Emma Wood said...

Hi, just wanted to say hi because I've been reading your blog for ages and its one of the things that inspired me to start my own VLCD (The Howard's Way Diet), and I'm one week in and just so unbelievably happy!

You also inspired me to start my own blog, hopefully I can be the guinea pig for other people trying to decide which diet to undertake!

J said...

Hi P
Apologies for the delay in responding - been a bit hopeless of late !
Had a bit of a rough time as you'll see - trying not to make excuses though trying to regain control, lose the gain (currently standing at 1 and half stone back on since wedding at end of August CRIKEY) without resorting to packs hmmmmmmmm
How are things with you ?

Mrs said...

Hey gorgeousness

che passa? No news from Peridot. That's NOT a good sign.

Hope you are ok.

LOL Mrs Lxxxxxx

Lesley said...

Hello again sweets. Has the wedding been and gone? I want the news!! Come on Peri...we need to know how bad it was and, more importantly, how you're getting on.

Hope all's well.

Lesley xx