Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Mind the gap

It's been a while, I know. Thanks for the comments - I think 6 is a personal best! I tend to think that no-one reads me so it's really nice to know you're all out there. It's nice to feel part of a gang (in a non-Asbo kind of way)!

So a quick catch up on all things Peridotty.

Great Chav Wedding - grim, grim, grim. The bride came up the aisle to DJ Sammi, the tables at the wedding breakfast were named after cheap booze (Archers, Cinzano, Baileys) and we all got a miniature of said booze as a wedding favour (mine was Cinzano - I ask you, does anyone even drink this any more?), my new sisters-in-law are the roughest, orangest women I've ever seen - short on clothes but big on make-up. Bright, tight dresses (one with unfortunate ruching) bare orange legs and very high shoes. In fact, all the female friends were like it too. I really stood out - I'd channelled Dita von Teese in that I embraced my very pale skin and went for a late 40s look (the 1940s, not that of a 40 something woman!) and red lips.

The father of the bride (who looks like Pete Beale but more florid and louder) was drunk by his speech, insulted my brother and went on to start a fight (we'd left by this point). The mother of the bride was scary. All the photos were of the Chav and her family (possibly a blessing since I am not photogenic and the only couple of photos of me I saw (taken by other members of my family) showed me looking disappointingly fat) with none of us. The children stole the show but cried because they were so cold. The bride's dress was okay - very tight with a massive fishtail all around her like a podium and alot of rhinestones, but otherwise okay. She didn't speak to any of us! And Lily (my mother's gorgeous chocolate labrador) got very very bad kennel cough and was having what I called yak attacks - where she was phlegming all over the carpet in the rented cottage so we had to get back, she was quite unhappy (as you would be).

Work is manic though - hence my silence. And whilst I was away they've promoted a rank amateur to be my line manager. I quite like him as a person but he is WAY out of his depth and is asserting his authority by throwing his weight about and being patronising. I was very unhappy about it - and still am but am kind of avoiding him. So I have no support. Am applying for other things though.

On the bright side, my best friend R is pregnant which is lovely, longed-for news and Naughty R is engaged. Go the Rs! They say things come in 3s so I'm waiting for more good news. And I wouldn't mind at all if I were the subject!

Diet - I have to run as I'm on call tonight so this will have to be a WHOLE other post. It's just such a complex issue that I can't just quickly dash something off. It's still a problem. I feel pulled down by it - I am SICK of thinking about it. And sick of ignoring it whilst I sneakily eat chocolate too. I wish I was one of those people who can't eat if stressed, upset etc though - but I am the opposite.

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Lesley said...

My God - the wedding was worse than I thought it could be. I thought you had probably been exaggerating for comic effect but the reality sounds truly dire.

Poor brother...but I suppose he wasn't forced to do the deed so daft brother too (which is not much comfort to anyone).

Sorry about work; it's horrid when you're ruled by idiots. I've been there and it sucks the life out of a workplace. Good luck with the applications.

Finally, on the good lucks, I hope you find some sort of solution to your diet woes. Do you think you're ready for a change of pace, something new? You sound desperately tired of it all. Try and have a good day tomorrow, take it that awful, one day at a time...

I'm still picturing the wedding....was it filmed for some terrible Sky TV series by any chance? I'm almost sad I wasn't invited although I'm sadly not quite orange enough for that sort of function.

Lesley xx