Friday, 10 October 2008

Bedside manners

I've not been well for about a week to 10 days. I seem to be run down and I do blame the packs. I have these vile boil/spots on my neck (never been seen before in the history of Peridot), an extremely painful mouth ulcer and I'm coming down with a cold combined with an added bonus of nausea. Last week I had a bout of sickness and dizziness too. Very odd. And I feel rather sorry for myself to boot.

So last week I think I only ran maybe twice and the same this week - I just couldn't go this morning I felt too rough. I have done a fair amount of walking too though. And I've been mixed on my packs (which might make it a bit unfair to blame them) - some days I've had my 3 as planned (plus small portion of protein and piece of fruit) and some days I've actually only had one because I've picked off the dreaded smack table. My weight is creeping slowly down though - I've lost 10-11lbs in the last 3 weeks I reckon. It still means I won't be at my slimmest by the great chav Halloween wedding but I have to aim to get as close as I can.

And I finally got to see my specialist on Wednesday. He's always good value - he's so eccentric he makes me laugh and of course he has this wealth of knowledge that is great to tap into. I talked to him about how if I crack on the diet I go beserk on sugar to the point of physical discomfort. He agrees with me that it's a physical thing rather than a psychological reaction. We talked about the fact that trials on what's known as a "semi starvation diet" demonstrated this very response and he said that the after-effects would last some time after I'd stopped dieting - the impulse to binge seems to be the body's backlash against being starved. He's put me on reductil to see if that quells the urge to binge and said if I see any difference to stick with it and if I don't, to get my GP to up the dose. What he really wants though is for me to stop dieting and concentrate on maintaining the weight I am now for a few months to get past the binge urge and then look at losing some more weight if I want to. But I explained that I'm not happy where I was - when I was a stone lighter even, I was starting to feel 'normal' and now I don't (not helped by huge protruberances from my neck!). He's so funny. He made me stand up so he could look at me and said that I look absolutely 'normal' to him; he doubted I'd be asked to do any catwalk work but that I could easily do a Dove advert and if I were on Trinny and Susannah or Gok they'd think I was mad! He just made me laugh and laugh - this clearly eccentric man in his 60s tossing around modern, female references. He's also concerned that I hate running so much and is pushing me to try tango!

Anyway, it's almost 6.30pm and the office is deserted. My sofa and a chick flick are calling me as bf is out and I feel so lousy. It's very difficult not to 'treat' myself with a lovely dinner - or any type of food indulgence - since these are two trigger factors for me (illness and dinner on my own) and I think not giving in will make me feel sadder but there we go. Sadder but thinner - that's the key!

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