Monday, 1 October 2007

Day 98

Off for our much pushed for and reluctantly given final WI tonight (and my profile pic that didn't come out). I'm pretty sure that I haven't lost any weight (because of eating my own body weight (considerable) in cake on Friday I assume) - at least, that's what my home scales show. So unless there's a sudden shift since this morning or before Thursday, I won't make my 3st7lbs revised goal. At least I didn't put on - or at least, not on my scales, eeek!

On the positive side, I didn't eat anything else on Friday - not a pack and certainly not any more illicit food. And today we had a team lunch out that I couldn't avoid and whilst it was at a lovely pizza place I had antipasti and salad - figuring that cold meat and rocket couldn't do too much harm. Of course, I really wanted the pizza with caramelised red onion and fried potato squares etc on! So, good for me.

I'm hoping to swop 4 packs for 2 each of the new bars but I'm not convinced my LLC will be very obliging. It would be useful though as I'm at my mum's tomorrow night and I never have time to make up a pack in the morning the following day before leaving for work. I'm still clinging to the 100 days ethos, even if LL don't seem to be!

I'll update tomorrow I hope.


Mrs said...

How are you? How was it?

Mrs Lxxxxxx

Lesley said...

Your LLC sounds (almost) comically bad!!

Hope you lost some weight and that you got the new bars and that you're not currently in police custody for assaulting a LLC (although if you are, I would be willing to stand as a character referee for you and cite compelling mitigating circumstances...!).

Lesley x

Amanda said...

Just caught up on your blog, can't believe your up to your 100 days, it's gone so fast.

Hope it went well and you got the new bars.

Amanda x

Mrs said...

Have a lovely holiday. That has come round so quickly!!

Bon voyage.

Mrs Lxxxxxxxxxxxxxx