Thursday, 25 October 2007

Day 1 CD

Well, I'm back. And I'm HUNGRY. Today is the 3rd day on packs, but 1st day on CD packs. But I'll back-track a bit....

We had a wonderful holiday. And I put on 1/2st. I was okay with this as b/f said he usually reckons to put on a stone on holiday and so I was worried it would be that for me too (as it is he also put on 1/2st). I was careful-ish - I certainly didn't stint myself but I didn't go mad either. I barely drunk but there were a few set meals we had where I felt decidedly over-full afterwards, uncomfortably so. I enjoyed eating so much though! That's I really enjoyed eating, not I enjoyed eating everything in sight! The only thing I really, really resented was the night before we flew when it was too much money and effort to get to a Pizza Express (taxi ride to unknown shopping centre somewhere in Luton) and so we ended up eating in the hotel (Holiday Inn Express) where the food was DIRE. Really, it's shocking that there are still places dishing up that muck - Tesco economy range would have been healthier and tastier. The only thing I could find that wasn't deep-fried in lard was a vegetable lasagne and it was both slimy and tasteless. And really visually unappealling (which I guess kind of gave a clue as to how it would taste). But otherwise I loved most of the food in Turkey - Istanbul was surprisingly lack-lustre for food but Kalkan was fantastic (one duff meal but the local cats were made happy as a result). Sadly, our local GBK was not open when we got back so my salivating anticipation will have to continue (sorry Mrs L!)!

I started with some left over LL packs on Monday and on Tuesday I was due to meet my CDC. She was running a session at lunchtime in Oxford Street. I didn't want to panic about not being able to get out at lunchtime on my first day back in the office so I took that day off as leave too. So how annoyed was I when I got there to discover that she wasn't there. We nearly ended up in a bible class instead (so not my thing and judging by the lady who was taking the class, not a good tool for a slim lifestyle!)! I had to ring the CDC who - despite me emailing her on my last day in the office to say I wouldn't be in email contact until after the session, and to text any changes to me - had in fact emailed me whilst I was away to say that that session had closed! Grrrrr. And R (who absconded from LL with me) had met me on her lunch-hour and fallen over on the way to meet me so she was none too pleased either. The CDC put us in touch with another CDC who we met last night in Starbucks. Not ideal. He (and it's quite strange having a bloke do this job) was definitely lack-lustre but I'm not too bothered about that - I only need the packs and WI and the rest (support, success strategies, learning from failure etc) R and I can do by ourselves. But this has already fallen down - how do you do a WI in a cafe? He doesn't have a premises and R and I live in opposite directions in London so it has to be central. We both hopped on scales in Boots before we met CDC - but in boots and coats which made us both 9lbs heavier than our first-thing-in-the-morning WI at home so I'm loath to use this every week. He has portable scales but not really something you want to do in a Starbucks. So, not quite sure yet how to get round that one... And the goal weights he set (BMI 23) were a stone different (heavier) to the LL BMI 23 - strange. But again, I'm not going to let this bother me as I'm intending to go back to LL for RtM and Management.

Had 2 packs so far today (only 3 on CD remember) - chocolate orange (hot) and chicken and mushroom soup. The shake was okay - smelt lovely but had an odd aftertaste (metallic/powdery almost slightly fishy) which I believe you get used to and I managed to get it down so that was fine. The soup was nicer than either LL chicken or mushroom - it actually smelt strongly of stuffing (Paxo cheapo stuffing but I quite like that!) but it had socking great lumps in it. Strange, as I made it in the same way as an LL soup but maybe I just need a bit of practice. I have a bar for tonight (I'm at my mum's) which I have high hopes for as lots of people say they're really nice. And a ready mixed tetra for tomorrow (chocolate) which is useful as when I'm at my mum's it's always difficult to get a pack mixed up right.

And as of this morning on my home scales I had lost 6lbs of the 7lbs I had put on on holiday - hurrah! But it's hard today - I'm really hungry and the smack table is full of chocolatey treats. I went and got 2 chocolate crisps - and then gave them away rather than eat them myself. I wish I had a willpower of steel and a lean, mean un-hungry stomach. Amongst other things!

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Such A Pretty Face... said...

Welcome back!

Sorry to hear that your experience with CD seems to have been a bit hit and miss. It seems that the CDC's just like LLC's vary dramatically depending on a number of factors. Being weighed at your local starbucks whilst everyone is sipping their mocha choca something or another is not ideal.

Will you stick to this CDC or look for another one?

I checked my bank account first thing, it wasn't great reading how broke I am - so I think I might be starting Cambridge sooner than I thought.

Good to read that your straight back to abstaining and thank you for the info regarding RtM as that is something I would definately like to do once I have lost the last bit of weight - albeit with more research this time and definately with a different counsellor. I intend to get my money's worth from RtM.

Glad to have you back and hang in there.