Friday, 26 October 2007

Day 2 CD - struggling

I'm finding it really hard to get back to abstinence. It's being so hungry - coupled with the stress of being back at work with a vengence. I just have to put up with it I know this, but it's hard. No easier for having done it before either, unusually.

I've had a few more CD packs - the chocolate flavour bar last night which was not pleasant. Just about edible (and better than the LL ones with that dodgy white topping, bleurgh) but not the big treat I was hoping for. It might taste better after being in the fridge for a while I guess - and it might make good biscuits so I'm not abandoning it yet. And there are about 6 more bars to try so there may yet be a corker or two amongst them! I had a chocolate tetra for breakfast (a ready mixed shake) and it was quite nice - almost (with a healthy dose of imagination) like Frijj. And very convenient. I had it cold but I will try it hot too when I get my next fortnight's worth of packs. Then for lunch today I had the spicy tomato soup which was also quite nice - and lump free, hurrah! Another bar tonight.... Oh, I'm such a hedonist!

I have quite got used to people mentioning my weight now (in a nice way). Strange that it didn't happen until I lost 3st but now happens quite frequently. I'm learning to be gracious rather than panicking and brushing it off. I'm not perfect but I don't either rip someone's head off or run away - and this is progress!

A woman in my office asked me this morning how I'd lost weight as she said she needs to lose 5st (I'd have said more but hey). I don't actually like her but I felt that I ought to tell her to give her the chance to benefit as I undoubtedly have. I asked her not to mention it to anyone though. She has one of the worst diets of anyone I know - I used to sit near her and she really just ate alot of really nasty, trashy food. So on the negative side it might be quite a shock to her system but on the plus side I bet she'd have dramatic results. I told her about LL very briefly and said she should look at the website - this is as far as I'm prepared to go. I'm happy to chat to people but I really think this has to be something that you're ready to do - you can't be talked into it or press-ganged in any way.

I have to be on call tonight - it means a late night and an early morning tomorrow, irrespective of whether I'm actually busy or not, which is a bit of a danger point for wanting to eat (tiredness) as Mrs L will agree. But maybe by next week I'll be less inclined to eat anything that passes my path - ie I won't be so hungry (temptation will still be there I know).

Have a good weekend people out there in blog-land.


Mrs said...

Welcome back!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well done for getting straight back on the VCLD horse....v.good!

Hope you had a lovely holiday???

One question...what is a chocolate crisp? The one from the smack table!

I'm all over the place so may not be able to check for a few days but GOOOOOD LUUUUCCCKKKK!!!

Hope being on call isn't too hideous!

Big kiss.

Love Mrs Lxxxxxxxxx

Lesley said...

It's a bitch getting back to it. Good luck with CD - I'm fascinated by your journey so keep it up. Sorry I haven't got longer to comment in more detail but I am following what you're up to.

((((((big hug)))))

Lesley x