Friday, 20 March 2015

Of SoD and SW

I was hungry yesterday and I am panicking a little bit.  I can sort of accept the low fat element of SW (except for butter: margarine is just yellow slime-filth and I have it on so little) but I still want to keep my carbs down.  I note that avocados are still the devil, at the same “syn” (*winces*) value as my favourite chocolate bar (Fry’s Chocolate Cream if you’re asking).  I’m not convinced they are nutritionally on a par but I’m setting that aside with just a sceptical hard stare.

I’ve been trying to think my way through a weekly menu (and like Seren’s mum, may end up on a slightly monotonous treadmill here) and I think I’ll do:

Breakfast – LF yoghurt with berries and nuts as my “HEA”.  Or B, can’t remember...  Glad to see that I can have nuts as my carb choice actually.  Thanks Linz for the yoghurt advice.  I would have omelette at the weekend but an omelette without cheese is a travesty.
Lunch – will have to be salad but I will need to sort myself out as it’s impossible to buy non-carby salad, they’re all pasta, rice or quinoa (as the grain a la mode).  Also I need not to have the same salad every day or I’ll get bored with it – once a week on rotation is okay.  So cobb salad with chicken and bacon, seafood salad with celery, cucumber, prawns and crab sticks (yes, I know they’re filth but I love them), ploughwoman’s with ham, egg and coleslaw, celeriac remoulade with mackerel or prosciutto and tomato salad and.... I need one more.
Dinner – easier somehow.  Fish and veg (I had celeriac chips and a corn cob last night), bolognaise with courgette, chilli stuffed in peppers.  I’ll need to come up with some more but this is not as hard as lunch for me.

Any tips/bright ideas/recipes most gratefully received.  Got to dash now but must tell you about an infuriating and disempowering trip to the GP.

And PS I DID email Orchard Corsets after so many of you urged me to do so.  They haven’t replied. Says everything.


Linz M said...

You can have cheese as your HeA choice - I couldn't live without it! I don't have much milk so I pretty much always have cheese. Carbs are also very much allowed, but I can understand you wanting to cut back on them a bit. I also have butter, I don't eat a lot of bread so I figure the syns are worth it. I don't do marg!

Lunches for me (I'm struggling with non carb as I live for them!):

1) Spanish Omelette - nice hot or cold. You can use veg other than potatoes. Onions, peppers, corn etc. to bulk it out.
2) Salad with marinated chicken - I marinade it in FF yoghurt and curry powder, then have it in a rice salad (cauli rice is also good) with a dressing made from FF yoghurt and mint.
3) Left overs - I usually make extra bolognese or chilli and have with spinach or other veg the next day.
4) Smoked salmon pate - (blitz 500g smoked salmon, 200g low fat natural cottage cheese, 2 large handfuls of dill and chives, and seasoning) and serve with crudites or toast from your HeB choice.
5) Homemade soup? Pea and ham is a good option or butternut squash.
6) Mixed bean salad?

I often make pasta or risotto for lunch which are good options if you're allowing carbs :)

Good luck xx

Seren said...

Oooh, those lunch salads sound delicious! And Linz's ideas as well - I have all good intentions when it comes to lunch ideas but often end up making sandwiches because I love them so. Roasted veg and feta is nice...something with mushrooms...? (I love their meaty texture, especially a nice stuffed Portobello although they may be less pleasant cold...) I will watch this space with interest.