Monday, 16 March 2015

Feel the fear.... and then run like hell

Have I started SW, gentle Reader?  Have I heck.  I wanted to use this weekend to swot up on it and to buy the necessary things.  Because it somehow always does involve necessary things that are never in your cupboard.  What I actually did was buy rugs, make two ‘oh-but-it-will-taste-nice’ cakes for mother’s day – and then ferry said cakes around South London and Kent in mother’s day traffic (aka queues and gridlock).  In fact, because of ferrying and visiting on Sunday, I pretty much only ate cake all day and it made me feel absolutely lousy.  Not because of the cakes, I hasten to add: they DID taste nice.  And no-one would ever have mistaken them for anything shop bought, looking at them.  P looked at them and said “you don’t like our mothers much, do you?” which made me laugh.  His mum got the weirdly shaped cake and mine got the rather burnt version.  Anyway, nice as they tasted, too much cake is definitely a thing and a thing that makes me feel unpleasantly ill.

What the weekend did not include was any sort of supermarket shopping at all.  Which will also make this week somewhat challenging – notwithstanding diet aspirations.

There’s also the fear factor in approaching SoD who slumbers on under the bed, undisturbed and probably powerless (since his batteries are in all likelihood dead).  Awakening that sort of malevolence is a fearsome thing.  And I am a coward.

Random thoughts/concerns re SW (any answers gratefully received from Linz/Lesley/anyone who knows their SW stuff):

  1. 1.    Do they push artificial sweetener?  I really hate it.  I can’t drink so much as a diet coke these days.  The only exception is Fevertree ‘naturally light’ tonic in a healthy whack of gin.  Muller lights – seemingly the bedrock of SW – NO!  Which leads me on to...
  2. 2.    Fats.  This concerns me.  Not, in this case, my own.  Are SW anti fat?  I’m guessing so.  I have dialled down my morning yoghurt from full fat to 2% but don’t relish going fat free.  Mainly taste but also because every bit of modern research I’ve seen says that full-fat is actually much better for you – in terms of satiety and health.
  3. 3.    Badger: re groups.  Bizarrely the only one in Central London which is after work and not a drop-in (because seriously, who pays to get weighed?) is one that I went to a few years ago when I was influenced to try SW by the frankly inspirational cakesandbunting.blogspot (alas, now no longer blogging I think).  It was like the Little Britain sketch and I got severe jaw ache from tightly clenching my teeth so as not to shriek at them demonically.  It even had a ‘good table’ and a ‘naughty table’.  The good table was every kind of chemical abomination known to womankind btw – nothing natural at all.  It was mostly the widest variety of Mullerlights and rice cakes I have ever seen in my life (and all their own stuff)
  4. 4.    Linz: do you have a recipe for the cottage cheese muffin thingys?  Do you eat them hot or cold?  I eat breakfast at my desk (during the week) but I do have access to a microwave.... Can you cook them then heat them up?

And bra stuff:
  1. 1.    Stephbospoon: you were right about it being too tight.  They’ve increased the band size and they are a lot more comfortable.  They were actually very good in sorting this out. Blods: worth trying Bravissimo but really persevering if the bras are uncomfortable/painful.  No shimmying required Badger – although some manoeuvring and heavy duty haulage on my part.
  2. 2.    Slummy Mummy: will definitely have a look at Elomi, thanks for the tip.


Linz M said...

The good thing with SW is you can do it to suit. They obviously prefer the fat free stuff as that's unlimited, so you can eat as much as you like but you can have other stuff if you wish and syn it.

I'm using the Rachels Organic greek style fat free natural yoghurt at the moment and it's the best one I've tasted. They do suggest artificial sweetner - some recipes are full of it, but I use agave or honey instead as I'm not a big fan of it either.

For the muffins - you can eat them hot or cold. I usually wack them in the microwave for 30 seconds and eat at my desk.

This recipe makes 12:

1 tub of fat free cottage cheese (I use onion & chive)
3-4 eggs (3 if large is usually enough)
ham (I use parma ham as it has more flavour imo) or bacon - cut into pieces - all fat removed.
whatever veg you fancy, I use onions, mushrooms and spinach usually.

1. mix tub of cottage cheese with eggs and season.
2. dry fry bacon (if using) with the veg
3. Stir the bacon or ham & veg into the egg mix and mix thoroughly.
4. Spray muffin tin or cases with fry light & spoon mixture into the muffin tin
6. Pop in the oven at 200 degrees until browned - about 20 -25 mins usually.
7. Remove from muffin tin and leave on a wire rack to cool as they can be a bit 'wet' sometimes (usually when I involve spinach)

I often sprinkle a tiny bit of parmesan on the top before cooking to give a little hit of cheese.

There are loads of variations though - if you Google either SW muffins or crustless quiche - this is the basic one I use and then adapt to suit:

Give me a shout if you want any more info xx

Lesley said...

I don't think they "push" artificial sweeteners but, if you don't mind them and have a sweet tooth, they are useful for providing that syn free sugar hit. I have a couple of Muller Lites for dessert each week; use canderel in my tea and coffee and add powdered canderel to the occasional yoghurt/fruit/muesli breakfast but you could do without all of that if you don't like it.

Yes, SW is basically low fat. It means you take in less calories. I use a fair bit of fry light and syns where only fat will do. Do you remember a post by Seren on the subject? How, yes butter is better but, while she's trying to drop weight spread is a necessary evil. Well, that's how I think of it.

Hopefully next year I'll be retrained and be able to eat as I'd like in moderation but for now Muller Lite and low fat is a necessary evil...

Get ye to SW!! Lxxx