Monday, 28 October 2013

A tale of woe

Last week was a tough week.  I had a 3rd stage for a job I really wanted and a 2nd stage for a job I didn’t particularly.  There was also a whole host of minor crap to deal with too.

The stage 3 went pretty well so I was devastated to hear I didn’t get the job.  To say it’s been a torturous process is an understatement and I can’t – yet – pick myself up out of my slump of sadness and disappointment.
The stage 2 went less well but confirmed to me that, much as I liked the organisation, I really didn’t want the job.  I didn’t get it either so didn’t have to feel bad about turning it down or agonising about whether I ‘should’ take it.  I had to go along, knowing I’d not got the job I really wanted and feeling utterly miserable and yet pretend to be all perky and enthusiastic.  And the tubes weren’t running properly either so I arrived late and stressed.
My eating has not been great – I only managed one starve day last week because of concentrating on the interviews and then on Friday when perhaps I should have done one, I was just too low.
Since then, I’ve had a 3 day (so far) migraine and a fall and am feeling absolutely lousy.  Life feels like a bit of a slog at the moment.  But when this migraine lifts, that in itself will make me feel better, I’m sure.  It has to go tomorrow as I have my wine exam and have booked a day’s leave to cram a bit.  I don’t know how I’d manage to study – much less do the exam – whilst I’m feeling like this. 


Lesley said...

Aaaaah hon. I'm so sorry to hear that about the job and the general slog too. I hope the slog fog lifts soon. L xx

amy said...

Poor thing -- you will find something.

For your migraines, try a magnesium supplement. I was just in the hospital with garbled speech -- they thought I was having a stroke. Turns out it was a migraine acting just like a stroke. My magnesium level came back low, and low magnesium can cause migraines. Gie it a try.

Seren said...

I'm really sorry about the job. That's lousy news. I really, really hope that all this means is that there is something even better and utterly perfect for you out there on the horizon.

Don't beat yourself up on the eating front either - those starve days must be incredibly hard and emotionally draining even when you're in top form. Be kind to yourself, lots of chicken soup for the migraine, and get back into the swing of them when you're feeling better.

Thinking of you - shoulder available if required.