Friday, 18 January 2013

Plodding along

I have been doing my 3 starvation diet days for 2 weeks now.  With a further 2 days as pretty strict dieting - low-carb and a bit more relaxation at the weekend.  That relaxation translates to half a bottle of wine over the course of the weekend and a couple of hot chocolates.  With marshmallows and squirty cream.  I feel simultaneously naughty and defiant - I have to have some treats!

But having said that, I don't think I'm losing weight.  My clothes feel as tight.  And I had ordered a skirt from ebay; when it arrived I thought it looked enormous and would be a wasted purchase.  But oh no, it fit.  Good news, bad news!  At least I now have enough skirts to get through a working week (albeit not in style). 

Today is a starvation day.  They're not fun but if they work then it'll be worth it.  To give you an idea, I had a large coffee for breakfast and an apple, a tub of cottage cheese and a chicory bulb for lunch, a yoghurt mid-afternoon (hungriest period) and stir-fried veg tonight.  I pretty much have the same for every starvation day.  An in-between day would be yoghurt, berries and seeds for breakfast, soup, a piece of cheese and a piece of fruit for lunch, some nuts mid-afternoon and fish and vegetables in the evening with some dark chocolate and a decaff with some cream in it.  This weather is not conducive to dieting!  I just want (more) hot chocolate and cheese on toast - or similary buttery, carby badness.  Still, with cottage cheese and chicory ahead, best not to think about that!

I need to be on here updating more but work has been insanely busy.  Will try to do better next week. 

And on the bright side, we are now more than halfway through January!


Seren said...

Gosh, that is quite a regime. I hope it works for you - you deserve some sort of a reward!


Lesley said...

Cold showers??! You're already doing the black coffee?? It sounds punishing but if you're low carbing, I hope you're having plenty of protein on non-starvy days to keep you full?

Got to enjoy the well as endure the deprivation.

Lesley x x