Friday, 11 January 2013

Pulp Fiction.

Thank god the first full week back is over.  It’s been a corker and the outlook is similarly corky.  I’m absolutely shattered and the urge to hibernate is almost overwhelming.  And there's plenty more January left.
For me, hibernation is essentially holing up and reading.  And when I say reading, I don’t mean the sort of thing where you can say (with a smug flick of your hair) “Oh YAH, I was so impressed with the existential handling and the gritty and unflinching grasp of the characters and their flaws –(s)he absolutely deserved that Booker prize”*.  In fact, if a book has won a prize – or even was shortlisted – my natural inclination is to shun it.  I have quite enough grit and flinching in my real life, ta very much.  No, I indulge in the sort of tripe that is (gasp) entertaining.  I know it’s a dirty word and I should be challenging myself or improving myself (and god knows, there’s plenty to improve) but actually, I just want some escapism.  I want to read the sort of thing that makes me miss my stop on my commute (this has happened on several occasions).  Although I draw the line at ‘clogs and shawls’ and ‘sex and shopping’ genres – or anything with very shiny lettering on the - usually black – cover (who says you can’t judge a book by its cover?!)  The seam that I’m currently mining is called Young Adult.  Which makes me feel like I should be peering over my half-moon specs as I say it.  YA fiction doesn’t seem trammelled by the same constraints that make adult fiction feel that it has to be realistic and gritty, which makes for unabashed entertainment.  I am literally gorging on this at the moment and will be sad to return to the Old Adult world when my seam runs dry.  It should take a while because although I can woof it down, P thinks it’s anti-social to read for the length of time I would – and let’s face it, he’s right. 
Talking of gorging.  I’ve been very good on my diet – essentially 3 days ‘starvation’, 2 days moderate (low carb) and 2 days somewhere in the middle (frugal low carb).  It’s a starvation day today and I am indeed starving.  But my clothes feel no different and clearly I’ve been far too chicken to brave the Scales of Doom.  P – who I would say is being less strict than me although still being v good – has already noticed more comfortable waistbands.  I’d always thought the only things to envy men for were peeing standing up and the speed at which you can get ready, but now I’m adding rapid response to dieting to that list. 
Transferring all my dates to my new diaries I came across a very depressing set of stats; I had recorded my weights for the last 2 years there.  Admittedly I don’t think I came across a weight reading before the end of February but the evidence is stark and there to see:
Heaviest – Porky.11, lightest - Porky.5
Heaviest – Porky.13, lightest - Porky.4
That means with 2 years of pretty consistent and focussed dieting, I have achieved.... well, practically nothing.  As I said, I suspect that I have shot through the entire range of Porky into Fat and quite possibly into Very Fat.  It’s difficult to feel that there will be the reward I’m looking for from all this effort, based on my experience to date.  But I would very much like to be proven wrong.

* I have absolutely no idea what I’m talking about natch.


Lesley said...

I know - that's the problem with having been at this blogging lark for a long time isn't it? We know what we weighed years ago and can't hide from the fact that we are not on a permanent downward or static trend.

However, what it also means is that we have NOT given up and until you give up, you cannot fail!

I'm also totally with you on the pulp fiction although not currently reading YA. My reading matter is generally picked up for 30p from the charity table at work so varies wildly!!

So, keep up the good work starvation wise and have a great weekend (so far as may be compatible with starvation).

Lesley xx

Seren said...

I wholeheartedly agree with Lesley - the not giving up part of the battle is probably the hardest. For all my weight issues, if it weren't for WW, blogging etc I could well be popping up on one of those terrible Channel 4 documentaries about people no longer able to see their feet.

What YA are you reading at the moment? I was given The Hunger Games trilogy (slightly randomly) as a Christmas present which I am quite looking forward to getting stuck in to...