Friday, 5 October 2012

(Not) all is vanity

I can see the point of vanity sizing: if I find an item of clothing that I like, it suits me AND it’s in a smaller size, well, that just about makes my week, if not my year. And I clearly have to buy it. But the opposite? Reader, that doesn’t make a jot of sense to me. I went to Vivien of Holloway for a dress to possibly wear to my hen do the other day (I know Linzerellos is a fan) – I had to take an afternoon off work to do this as they’re based out in zone 2 in the opposite direction to me. Anyway, they measured my waist and declared me to be a dress size 2-3 sizes larger than I usually wear. Four sizes than my current smaller clothes. Now, I know that I can usually wear smaller skirts than anything non-stretchy for my, ahem, top half but this was ridiculous.

“Oh it’s because they’re vintage sizes” explained the assistant.

But they’re not actually vintage dresses are they? They’re repro dresses so why make people feel bad about themselves? I bought the dress but it’s difficult to take any pleasure in it because I know what size it is – and that size is what I was wearing three stone ago.

So this weekend is the hen do. Having bought this dress for it, my friend who will be class swot at Charleston says it makes her “glow” so much that she’s often “dripping in glow”. I don’t think I’ll be wearing a snug 1950s style dress to sweat in. I need to go home and find something else to wear from my – frankly rubbish – wardrobe. It’ll be fine. Somehow. And I’m really looking forward to seeing my friends – I just don’t get to see them enough.

P is very sweetly making sure he’s home to come and meet me from the station.  It's a 5 min walk so possibly overkill but it's nice of him - I don't know if he's expecting me to be a bit befuddled...

I finally stepped aboard the Scales of Doom today. I was 1lb up from before the East-West holiday (typed that as Eat West by mistake – some truth in that typo). It’s depressing as I’ve had 4 starvation days since then and many a sensible day. Tomorrow will not be a sensible day. And tonight we are out for dinner with friends (Lebanese). And I have finally made an appointment for a wedding dress fitting – next Thursday. Very scared. Can they make a silk purse out of this sow’s ear? I’d settle for polyester gladly - just more silky than sowy.


Linz M said...

I do love VOH dresses, but the sizes are, quite frankly, depressing. Try to ignore that tag, or better still, remove it altogether!

Have an amazing Hen do.

You will look amazing on your wedding day, regardless of what you think :)


amy said...

Size does NOT matter!

Lesley said...

Vintage sizing SUCKS! Booooo!!!

Sorry, just come back fromt he football so in a very vocal mood.

Are you doing charleston lessons for your Hen Night?? Sounds brilliant.

Anyway, 1lb on is not bad at all. Considering you were off work for 10 days and went away, you have managed to get shot of any excess quickly which is A. Good. Thing. Alright??!

So, keep it up chuck and good luck for the fitting.

Lesley xx