Thursday, 11 October 2012


No, Lesley, not the game where a couple of dozen men run around in man-made fabrics, embracing one another but something far more vital: shoes.

Shoes are currently very much on my mind due to the fact that my feet seriously hurt today. I bought an amazing pair of damson high heels (see which felt fine in the shop but wearing them just to sit in the office, wander to the loo and the kitchen and stand outside in them for about 15 minutes yesterday has caused my feet to still be throbbing today. They’re to wear to a wedding and I think I’m going to have to buy some flats too. This makes buying shoes an (even more) expensive business.

Also, I am trying to wear my wedding shoes in. They also hurt – after an hour of just sitting, I lost sensation in my toes. Wearing them with pop socks (ugh) makes a huge difference though (I had naked feet!) and they are incredibly soft suede so the sales assistant assures me that perseverance will lead to them moulding to my foot. I do hope so as they are more expensive than any other object I own other than my Mulberry bag.

I also wore some high bronze t-bars to my hen do. I wore them to meet my mother – about an hour – and again lost sensation in my toes and had to remove them on the train for some frumpy-feeling ballet pumps. I was back in them later but I was disappointed with my lack of staying power.

Now Reader, I have put the effort in here; I have been wearing heels in the office for some time to build up the appropriate muscle tone, so when is wearing heels going to become a pain free business? Does it ever? Is there anyone out there who knows? I do love them, and the way they make my ankles and calves look, but I am emphatically not loving the pain.

Organising a wedding, looking for a job and preparing for a week’s overseas trip are not things that should be contemplated together. I feel somewhat overloaded – hence the scarcity of blog posts recently (this may be a blessing for you, dear Reader, of course!). I have a dress fitting this afternoon and an interview first thing tomorrow: this is more stress than I can comfortably cope with. It is only by an effort of supreme will that I am not running about aimlessly, shrieking maniacally. I view both appointments with the same degree of dread – a three and a half hour interview (which includes a role play. Shudder. No, I am not auditioning for RADA and I find this as repellent an idea as it is unnecessary) and stripping to my underwear to be (possibly) squeezed into the most important and expensive dress of my life, I am not in love with October so far.

More on the hen do tomorrow post-traumatic appointments, hopefully.


Lesley said...

I was thinking about when I last wore high heeled shoes and honestly can't remember. I wear 2 inch heels to work and and for dancing but no higher. This is a problem as I have to wear some ludicrously high ones at the wedding we're going to on Saturday (only ones I own in the right colour). Yikes - I'd better get some practise in.

Good luck with the challenges ahead, especially the dress fitting. Hope they all go well.

Lesley xx

Gabby said...

Love those shoes. And from my experience, high heels pretty much always hurt. You just have to make sure there are opportunities to sit down!

As for the role play - dear god, that sounds atrocious. You have my sympathies.