Friday, 28 October 2011


As is so often the case (sigh) WI was not a happy experience. My first week back on the straight and narrow has resulted in a ¾ lb gain. I suspect I am like a supertanker and me hauling frantically on the wheel won’t elicit a swift, smart 3 point turn.

But I am wondering if it’s time to think of another diet. Yes, yet another flipping diet. SW seems to work so well for everyone else but in the last 6 months I have put ON 3lbs. Okay, I’m just back from holiday and that is bound to show an upward blip (blimp?), but if we put that aside, the stats are then I lost 6lbs in 5 months. Not really covering myself in glory there, am I? In fact, there wouldn’t even be enough glory for a nipple cover.

I hate change and I have grown to fear the feeling when you start a new diet, all zealous and hopeful – only to have the hope sucked out by that old leech, SoD. So I'm reluctant but it's clear that I'm getting nowhere fast and with just over a year to the wedding, I have to get going on some results.

Bf heard the Food Programme on the radio on Sunday and it was about the calorie; he came back saying that I really should listen to it as he thought it would interest me. We finally got round to listening to it last night and it was really interesting (I recommend a listen on i-player). As part of the programme, they interviewed Zoe Harcombe who had some insights into how we become fat and guess what, she has her own diet book. Essentially she was agreeing with Gary Taubes’ book The Diet Delusion (and similar) by saying that the problems we face are caused by over-reliance on carbs. I do kind of buy into this – it intuitively makes sense to me, much as I’ve enjoyed pasta and rice whilst on SW.

Of course, the book reviews on Amazon are glowing in the vast majority, but I am stamping down hard on any flickering of hope – it’s too cruel when it doesn’t work out and my fear is that it does sound a bit like the Idiot Proof Diet which I put ON weight with.

Until the book arrives, I’ll carry on with SW and then I think I’ll give Harcombe a whirl. I think about wedding dresses and I'm terrified - it has to be worth a try. No amount of industrial underwear is going to make me look half decent at the moment but I’ll be definitely employing that tactic. What’s the expression? Can’t fit a pint in a quart pot? Quite. Not even with a very grippy pot.


Lesley said...

Yeah SW didn't seem to be a great fit for you which is a shame. Good luck with finding a new route to your goal. How about not following a specific "diet" but thinking back to the weeks when you've done well and trying to replicate those? Also, how are you doing on the exercise?? Anything which raises metabolism and fat burning would seem to be a good idea??

Anyway, hope you're not experiencing too much of a post-holiday comedown and have had a good weekend.

Lesley xx

Lesley said...

PS> have you tried Spark People on the web? That could be the sortof support you need but for a bespoke Peri type regime?? And free!!

Gabby said...

Not a diet tip, but what about lifting weights or other strength training? The more muscle you have, the more effectively you burn calories, AND the more calories you need. A friend of mine (not me, obviously, since I never practise what I preach, to my detriment) found that when she got fairly seriously into weights (she joined one of those women's gyms)she found it less easy to put on weight.

Seren said...

Oh, that's a shame. Will be interested to hear about the new plan, there does seem to be something to be said for cutting down on carbs...

Good luck!