Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Pancake panic

My metabolism is not the only slow thing about my stomach: it’s clearly a bit thick too (figures when you see it I guess!) It seems to have just realised that its access to pancakes has stopped. And this is particularly slow on the uptake as I last had pancakes for breakfast a fortnight last Sunday (there was no choice of breakfast in Bar Harbor – it was all delicious though – otherwise I’d have continued to have pancakes every day). At least, I assume this is the reason that I am so hungry at the moment.

My breakfast is now a slice of homemade wholemeal toast with a bit of homemade smoked salmon pate (thanks for that idea – I reckon I only use about 30g of Philly Extra Light a day so I’m way under my HEA. Or B - or whatever), a grapefruit and a big fruit salad with Total 0% Greek yoghurt. Okay, I’d rather be having blueberry pancakes but not too shabby all the same! I do use my Healthy Extras all at once but that can’t be too bad. I sometimes have a small skinny cappuccino too as I’m aware I’m way under my calcium Healthy Extra (which is 70g of Light Philly (not Extra Light). Then I have leftovers or soup or a jacket potato with cottage cheese or ratatouille (homemade) or a beanpot – all with naked salad and a fat free yoghurt. And a variety of things for dinner but I think we’re moving towards slow-cooker territory (I fancy venison, mushroom and shallot this weekend). As ever, I eat a lot of fruit and a little chocolate (counted). This is my formula for success up until Christmas – only 9 ½ weeks! I’d like to lose 9lbs by then – the weight I put on in the US and a bonus lb. I really need to make some headway.

But I saw myself side on today and I realise I’ve got a VERY long way to go before I could even contemplate myself in a wedding dress. And – with my metabolism – not a great amount of time to lose enough weight to look halfway decent. Not to mention the whole ‘second hand dresses mostly being 8s or 10s’ problem (not somewhere I think I could EVER get to). If only anxiety caused weight loss in me rather than the urge (stifled – barely) to mainline sugar.

WI tomorrow....


Badger said...

I'm getting married in 9 weeks and still can't get my head round a wedding dress. Admittedly I'm not going traditional bridal but still from the off the hanger bridal collections all the same. The monsoon one I tried on yesterday looked horrendous and all I did all day was eat rubbish to console myself! Not good... xx

Seren said...

You can only do your best. I had a lovely day and in the end I wasn't bothered about the fact that I wasn't wearing a size 10 dress. Plus, don't underestimate the power of magic pulling in underwear!

On a completely different note, your venison dish sounds seriously yummy.

Hope the WI goes well.


Lesley said...

Great to have you back and I'm glad you had a good time. It all sounds wonderful.

Well done for getting straight back on the wagon (it's more than I could manage!!). Those 8lbs will disappear pronto....and you will find a fantastic wedding dress. Have faith.

Lesley xx

Gabby said...

Can I just second the endorsement of pulling in undies? I wore spanx - fan-fucking-tastic, seriously. It was like a strapless slip that sucked me in from under my boobs to above my knees.

The trick is not to wear the size you are, but the smallest possible size you can get into (it will be extremely difficult to get in, you may need help) without obstructing breathing or causing stomach pains!