Thursday, 29 September 2011

I like to be in A-mer-ic-a, okay by me in A-mer-ic-a

I have actually sung this – last year. It’s surprisingly difficult as it’s so damn quick. And you kind of want to do the skirt swishing which is really Not The Done Thing in a choir.

Having researched temperatures and prepared and stressed over my packing list, it seems that the US is also experiencing warmer weather. I’m going to have to start from scratch. I don’t know what to pack and I’ve run out of time (although we go to Heathrow on Sunday night, ready to check in early on Monday morning, we’re off to Suffolk tonight until Sunday morning) to buy anything. Good for my bank balance, bad for my panic levels. Already I can’t remember what I wore in the summer and it’s all stuffed in a drawer under my bed! Eeeek.

I had bought a couple of cute spaghetti-strapped chemises to wear to bed – trying to re-style myself as someone more chic than a girl who wears a big t-shirt to bed. Well, that was a big fat failure – I looked like a cross-dressing bouncer. Surprisingly, this didn’t make me feel any more glamorous – rather less if anything. This retail splurge was all kicked off by a post on a wedding website posing a question I’d not even thought of – namely, what do you wear for the getting ready photos on your wedding day. What I’m confident I won’t be wearing is something that makes me look like the lovechild of an anaemic gorilla and a very butch games teacher, that’s for sure. Figleaves can have their frippery back along with my crushed hopes. Why is there nothing in between wisps of nothing, scratchy whore-wear, frumpsville extraordinaire or those ghastly twee things in the likes of M&S with simpering cartoon characters or ickle kittens? Sigh. I don’t think I’d suit a wispy chemise even if I were a size 12, to be honest.

So, crib list for not returning from US so heavy that we have to stop off and refuel the plane on the way home:
1. I don’t have to eat everything – not every choice, not everything on my plate and especially things I’m eating thinking “hmm, this isn’t actually all that”
2. Share wherever possible and certainly any starters or pudding. And make bf eat most of it (poor him)
3. Plenty of exercise (yes, I know it’s not supposed to make much difference but surely it must help)
4. Restraint. My appetite has not yet returned so I might get a booster here.

See you when I’m safely back in Blighty, comrades.


Lesley said...

Can't believe you're already off to the big US of A!! It seems to have flown by since you announced your plans.

Have a WONDERFUL time!! I think the exercise DOES make a difference so do lots and enjoy enjoy enjoy!!

Lesley xxx

Love Cat said...

Have a rip snorter of a time!

And yes - exercise lots! Of course it makes a difference you mad woman.


Gabby said...

Have a fantastic trip! Exercise does make a difference. I actually came back 1 pound LIGHTER from the US when I was there for 3 weeks, which was unexpected.

As for the getting ready photos on your wedding day - if you don't want them, you don't have to have them. Considering my undergarments were a variety of industrial strength beige shapewear, I did NOT partake. No photos until I was 100% trussed, dressed, and painted.

Linz M said...

Have an amazing time, I am fairly sure I didn't gain weight due to all the walking I did.


claire said...

Well J went to America a lot this summer and gained sod all. Basically, the hotel had a pool and he swam a lot and it was also very very easy to avoid carbs - even on the outskirts of Texas, where the food is weirder than weird. There's a big trend for carb free sandwiches. Un-wiches, i think they called them.

Anyway, I digress. Oh, and that 'getting ready' clothing thing you talked about. I realised as we packed the car that I had nothing to wear for getting ready and that HELLO - there would be a photographer there! I grabbed an old white short dressing gown from the back of the bathroom door. Thankfully it had been washed recently. It had been a particularly glamourous purchase from Le George of Asda, and cost £12 about 3 years ago! Don't sweat it. This is the least of your worries. Just get a nice towelling gown. None of that chemise shit. Done.

Sarah said...

V jealous of your holiday - am counting the days/weeks to mine (technically it's still months but I'm counting in weeks). Have a lovely time and we look forward to hearing all about it when you get back.

Sarah x