Monday, 12 September 2011

Bob and peeve

So, I’m thinking of having my shoulder-blade length hair cut into an angled bob. It’s a bit scary – I’m not good with change. The thing is that my hair is so fine – I love long hair but I think if it’s as fine as mine, it just doesn’t look good long. Plus I saw this:
And I just thought she looked amazing. Okay, a simple haircut isn’t going to turn me into this elegant creature (more’s the pity) but it got me thinking about my hair. I have no intention of having it up – bf doesn’t like my hair tied back and to be honest, it’s too fine to have anything elaborate without hair pieces and the like which I just don’t like the idea of. I last had it bobbed about 4 years ago pre LighterLife and started growing it out after that. So last time I had shorter hair I was 3 stone heavier. At the time I worried that I looked:
a) Butch; and/or
b) Mumsy and middle aged
I think I’m less likely to look butch being slimmer (if not, alas, slim) but the mumsy fear is still there. On the flip side I have an OBSESSION with hats - which look much better with a bob than pretty much any other haircut. Will I be brave enough? It's now or never as if I had it done now, I would at least have time to grow it again for the wedding - I think. Watch this space, dear Reader.

If you don’t hear from me for a while, I’ve been arrested. I have borrowed a marker pen from work and tonight I am going to have to alter the signs at a new bridge they’re building where I live because they’re driving me CRAZY. There are at least 4 official signs (not someone’s hastily written note) and they’re all variations on this:
“Hard hats only passed this point”


Ex Yo-Yo Dieter Debbie said...

Something else that probably wasn't passed? Spelling tests.

Can't wait to hear about your new hairdo - would you consider posting a photo? (Even of the back?)

Seren said...

I say do it! I love the angled bob look. And I love short hair. I've spent two and a half years growing mine so I can have it up for the wedding and I can't wait to chop it all off again!

And you're right - you still have time to grow it out for the wedding if you need to.


Sarah said...

I'm never very good at judging what new hairdos will look like so you need a friend who's got the eye and is honest (but not painfully so!). However, as Seren says, now is the time to experiment, you can grow it back or do something different before the wedding.

You sound like you're really keen - why not go for it?


Lesley said...

Sounds sharp! Go for it! I'm feeling that I've gone a little tooo short recently but you dont know til you try and I'm DEFINITELY happier with it short than when it was shoulder length.

Good luck!

Lesley xx