Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Earning my crust

On SW you get a daily fibre option for ‘free’ (ie synless) – I’ve been using mine by eating two Alpen Light bars to date but recently I’ve dusted down my breadmaker to make my own wholemeal (the only bread allowed). I’m a bit nervous about it as it is, you know, BREAD. But I keep the sugar low and it’s got none of the additives, preservatives etc that you find in shop bread, just yeast, flour, salt, water and a little oil – and I’m sure it’s got to be healthier than Alpen Lights (sorry Alpen).

Although the allowance is for two small slices, I only allow myself one as I suspect I can’t slice it as thinly as factory bread – I’m being careful with this hitherto illicit substance. And I have it as a piece of toast in the morning. Which brings me on to a problem: I have to have butter (1tsp = a scrape which almost covers it = 2 syns) but then I have marmite (mmmmm). And much as I love marmite (and I DO), I’m aware that a carb ought to be balanced by protein – so, any ideas what to have? It has to be something I can eat whilst simultaneously putting on my make-up, getting dressed etc (no poached egg or similar. Not that I eat poached egg). And I fear peanut butter with a healthy and justified fear. All ideas gratefully received.

It’s actually WI today but for the first time ever I chickened out. Yesterday was bf’s birthday and I had probably 2/3 of a bottle of wine (out of 2 bottles, Reader, I didn’t guzzle the (boozer) lion’s share) and some Turkish food and I just was too scared to consult the scales. Next week, I promise. Although we have dinner out on Friday night to negotiate and bf was muttering about fish and chips (might see if he’ll re-think that one).

Thanks for the supportive gingerisms – especially as last week was a hard one in the Red World. I was outraged last week by a story in the Sun on an albino seal pup who had ginger fur – it showed him on a beach all alone and the text suggested that he had no friends because he was ginger! It’s unbelievable that that’s acceptable for a national ‘newspaper’ to publish. Then there was the sperm bank which won’t take ginger sperm. I tell you, if I were to be artificially inseminated, I would be DEMANDING ginger sperm, so there. Grrrr. You’d think they wouldn’t bait us so much, given the famous ginger temper.


Call Me Ishmael said...

Am so with you on the redheads -- what's up with all the non-love? I think it's worse in England than it is over here, for whatever reason, but don't understand why it exists at all. Red-headed nephew and I are both considering a trip to Redhead Day in 2012. Good luck on the next weigh-in.

Gabby said...

How about smoked trout or salmon for morning protein? I sometimes have that... although much less often than I have butter and marmite, it must be confessed.

AND for what it's worth, I love redheads - especially on women, I think it's beautiful.

Seren said...

See, that is one of the reasons I don't think SW and me would get along. You'd have trouble prising the bread out of my hands.

Smoked fish per Gabby's comment is a fab idea - you could even do an easy pate by whizzing it up with some low fat cream cheese and a squeeze of lemon. Or you could just have cream cheese.


claire said...

My dear, if you are slicing the bread yourself, then the allowance is 56 grams - so PLEASE make sure you weigh it! I second the smoked fish idea. You can also have 71g of philly light as a HEA now so you could have that. Or combine the two in a spread. Or you could use quark for the spread and that is free. That removes the need for butter. Also you could have beans, also removing the need for butter. Make sure you still have your third superfree though!

claire said...

Also (and I'm sure you expected this from me) but I don't think that avoiding weigh in was a great idea. As you have potentially identified by now, there is 'something' every week - a meal out, a date night, a trip to friends or family that means diet danger. That is no reason not to weigh in, or to write anything off. It's just part of life and thus part of a diet. xx

Lesley said...

(Adopt Yorkshire accent and recall the fast SHow...)

"Int Bread greeat?!"

I'm with you. After a week of bread when I fancied it, it has been hard to wean myself off. So much easier than other breakfast and lunch choices and so reliable in its satisfaction quotient.

Hey ho - we know it's trouble so keep an eye on it!

Have you seen Reggie B Hunter talking about what rubbish racists the Brits are - picking on redheads, what's that about!? Tee hee. But anti-ginger stuff does seem to be getting more prevalent and less jokey at times.

Good luck with next week.

Lesley xx