Monday, 28 March 2011

Cold comfort

Such a keenly anticipated weekend was surely doomed to failure! The weather was dank and dismal, we were prevented from walking properly by quirks of fate and, to top it off, we managed to leave all the cold stuff we bought from Waitrose in the middle of the living room. Where it will now have to stay (frozen edamames, yoghurts, black pudding, milk etc etc (black pudding is not mine - as a colleague said, surely the recipe for this starts: take 3lbs of scab...UGH)). With the heating on (admittedly on low). I fear maggots and exploding sour goo (fat free goo though! And Mullerlights may be too chemical to decompose - on the bright side) - bf is bravely going up on Friday to tackle any toxic waste, returning Saturday. Otherwise it would have to fester for a fortnight. This, directly after spider eviction is the glamorous side of our rural existence - and he's getting all these delightful little chores at the moment. I will be here, at home, working and sulking. And fretting about the mothers' day treat of an afternoon tea at our wedding venue (nibbling at my inner lip and fingernails must be calorie-free, right? Unlike clotted cream scones...) We did 2 walks of about 3 miles over the weekend - hardly worth lacing my boots for. We did them at a fairly brisk trot and I guess it's better than lying on the sofa eating floral cream chocolates (in one sense only, you understand). I also cycled today - back against a stiffish headwind too and with thighs of concrete. Can you hear me busily totting up brownie points? (Brownies, mmmmm) Just as I think I get to a glimmer of understanding about SW, I realise my folly. My mind is boggling from trying to absorb all the information and my inner swot is trying hard to do it perfectly - and failing unwittingly. Funnily enough, I feel fatter. Not that that's funny, but it is odd. Usually any days of diet perseverence makes me feel that I must be ooooh, at least a size 10 by now. SoD is winking at me from under the bed (its cunning knows no obstacles. Not even an inch of dust) but I am not weighing until Wednesday. Oh okay, I weighed on Friday (because that was my old weighing day) and I'd lost 1lb, I weighed this morning and it had gone back on. It's not looking like the magic panacea that I was secretly hoping for. But an imperfect week does not a diet make. I may not be very good at losing weight but for sheer dogged determination (admittedly probably of the lugborious bloodhound variety) I take the (dog) biscuit.


Seren said...

I so hope SW works out, once you've got past the getting to know you hump. I must admit, I have been tempted by the idea of unlimited pasta in the past, so am fascinated to hear how you find it.

Oooh, must take issue with the anti black pudding sentiment though!!


Lesley said...

I remember that SW was once quite simple (just the red day, green day thing to get the hang of) but has since got more complicated with hybrid options. I hope you get the hang of it soon and start to see some losses.

Sorry about your disapointing weekend and the loss of the goodies. I will join Seren in defending black puddings to the hilt, perhaps it's a northern thing??

Hope your week improves.

Lesley xx

Love Cat said...

I love me a bit of black pudding. Especially in a roll with a fried egg and a tattie scone.

Hope you're getting your head around all things red, green and extra easy.