Friday, 25 March 2011


I’ve been meaning and meaning to post all week and haven’t found the time. I really need to win the lottery and give up work to concentrate on life. So if you could please sort that for me...

I spent last weekend in the uncharted territory between SW and WW where I tried to do either or both. My surprising 2lb loss last week unsurprisingly had evaporated by Monday and I was back up 2lbs. I had had a weeny lapse into the ‘between diets’ badlands (here be dragons) where I ate a couple of things I shouldn’t have because I wasn’t on a diet but on the whole I kept a tight grip on this (despite my alter ego egging me on wildly).

I am not good with change. I am struggling to get to grips with the new rules and had a freak out yesterday which Claire @ Cakes and Bunting had to talk me down from. I went to a group to get my rule books but Claire has been much better at explaining it and I would have been at a loss if that were all I had had to rely on. In a way it’s a relief – had it been a good group, I would have wanted to go every week and since it necessitated hanging about at work, eating inhumanely close to a weigh in and walking through a scary council estate in the dark, it’s a good thing that I have my books so I can swot up and will join online. I have to join for 3 months online so I guess I’ll give it that long and see how it goes. I do think that the new WW propoints system didn’t work for me (er, 6 weeks STS anyone?!) but no one diet will work for everyone – it’s a matter of having the tenacity and energy to keep going til you hit diet gold. (My turn, my turn, my turn)

This weekend is our first back at the tinhut – I can’t wait. Although I note with sadness that tomorrow – when we’d scheduled a 14 mile walk – is now showing rain. Bah.

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Love Cat said...

Weird! I just blogged this morning and have just realised my title is the same as yours!

So how's it going with Ess Dubs? You getting into the swing of it?