Thursday, 9 December 2010


After having to - literally - beg, I have tomorrow off from work. So the weekend starts here. I'm not using a precious day's leave for anything exciting - I had to book my car in for a service which I did back to back with my mother's so we can use a car whilst one is done. I have a rather sad little OAP banger (a moss encrusted, dirt-engrained, pranged Rover 25) - and the bill was so extortionate that I suspect I have paid the full value of the car again to have it done. It now has a stereo as well though so is probably in shock. Especially since they tuned it to Kiss FM.

I'm also having my hair done (in even more desparate need of maintenance than my car!) and am hoping to squeeze in a spot of Christmas shopping - especially since I need to get quite a few children's presents. There are suddenly seem to be a lot of children in my life - people seem to be breeding like rabbits! None of their offspring have (discernable) twitchy noses and whiskers though! I struggle with children's presents as I am child-free myself and am always in a fervour of anxiety as to whether I'm going to get it right or not.

Then I have my dress rehearsal for my second choir's Christmas concert which is Saturday night. It's hilarious - I am by far the youngest member and they all talk to me in bright, enthusiastic, encouraging tones which makes me feel like the child they seem to think I am! Poor bf is dragged to more choral things than I think he would choose to be but is very long-suffering. We have 2 performances next week to go to (proper choirs - including the Sixteen (v exciting) - hmm, perhaps that Rover 25 and I are well matched!) and he has my other choir's Christmas concert to get through yet too.

With all this, you'll perhaps indulge me in a short rant. WHY are there grown women wearing hats which are panda bear faces - with ears? I've seen enough to make them a significant minority and am appalled every time. Then I followed a woman into the office (in her 50s) who had a Tintin rucksack. Now, I like Tintin as much as the next woman. More, probably, unless she is Belgian and patriotic. But a rucksack emblazoned with Tintin imagery? Er no. Not even if Mulberry made one.


Seren said...

Yep, I've wondered about those hats as well. On babies it's cute. On grown women it's just a bit creepy.

Enjoy your long weekend!


Lesley said...

That is too funny! I've also had a rant about the bear hats. And it's not just panda bears, there are other types of bears represented in hat form as well. Not suitable for anyone older than a rather arbitrary 22 IM grumpy O.

Choirs sound good. I too used to be in a v elderly choir but gave up a few years ago. Think I'll stick to the dancing for now.

Lesley xx

Becca said...

I was complaining the other day that all cold weather gear has to be either sturdy-farmer's-wife or animal-themed. I want to be warm without being fluffy or outdoorsy!

Ex Yo-Yo Dieter Debbie said...

My hat is animal fur, as you've seen in my picture (which can stir its own rants in some circles).

I agree with you about child-themed items on beef is with Winnie the Pooh (and the like) on pyjamas and nightdresses.

Hope you enjoyed your weekend!

Linz M said...

I am so with you on those hats... I thought I was perhaps missing something :)

Hope you had a good weekend x

Lesley said...

Was just sniggering about your little nephew, a future Bruno perhaps?? Not sure about the blue and white decs... don't object per se but it never seems to work with the rest of my room. One day perhaps...

How are you? Lesley x x