Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Hurtling back to Fat

In time honoured tradition, no news is indeed bad news in this little corner of blogland. I am not pointing and I am eating more chocolate than is reasonable. In good news, I have broken my obsession with The Big Purple One (still love them, it’s just I can live without having one for days at a time) and I’m not doing my usual pac-woman impression of eating everything in sight; there is a modicum of moderation but only a mini-modicum. I have had 4 days where I’ve overeaten though – resulting in me going to bed feeling stuffed full and uncomfortable. I absolutely hate that feeling and I need to remember that before I scarf a massive bag of crisps in lieu of dinner (last night – washed down with 4 Welsh cakes with extra cinnamon and some dates and walnuts).

I also made my first batch of mince pies last night. I decided that rather than keep eating poor mass produced ones, my own with my orange pate sucree and mincemeat and pecans marinated in Cointreau. I also only put a pastry star on the top rather than a whole lid, which must reduce a few cals, right?! The pastry was actually too soft (it does have 2 egg yolks as well as orange zest and juice in it) and more like playdough, so I need to have another bash. I am not a lover of pastry but pate sucree is lovely – especially my orangey version.

I haven’t dared weigh myself but I rather fear that my jeans which were getting rather on the loose side are now rather on the snug side.

If life were remotely fair, I would be losing weight at an alarming rate just trying to keep warm. It’s freezing in London. In fact, it’s rather a lot colder than freezing. We went up to the tinhut on Saturday. It was actually colder in than out! Bf went to the loo and the water in both the cistern and the actual loo was frozen solid – as was our olive oil. Too solid to break even! We couldn’t put the heating on for fear of cracking the pipes but put 2 fan heaters and went out for 3 hours. We came back – it was still frozen solid. We went home, driving through a blizzard with the piled up snow and ice scraping along the bottom of the car. I left a greenhouse heater going on a frost setting so that it comes on when the temperature falls below +5oC. We’re hoping that will be enough for us to get there between Christmas and New Year – we’re wanting to walk off some of those Christmas calories (and possibly re-ingest them a bit!) with a 12.5 miler one day and shorter walks on the other days. But if everything is still frozen solid, we’ll have to have a city break chez nous instead. Which I suspect means films and loafing – not as good for us, especially since I suspect we’ll still do the re-ingesting!

Will try and post more from my rut of depravity (food-wise) before we break for the orgy of calories that is Christmas.


Lesley said...

Morning Peri. It's that time of year. Everything seems slightly harder to achieve than usual apart from the sourcing of delicious goodies. The tin hut sounds scarily cold but then with these new Muscovite temperatures which we're getting used to, it's going to be I suppose. Hope you make it there over the Christmas period.

I type from a frozen train platform at 6.35. Blegh! I've just discovered that the train is 10 mins late. Not bad....except I'll miss my connection meaning I should have driven snow or no snow after all. Hate it when you make a marginal decision and it turns out to be the wrong one.

May your day go better sweets. x x

Seren said...

The mince pies sound amazing - not something I've ever made - I tend to fall back on the Mr Kipling version.

Hope your heater comes through for you - I've recovered from the novelty factor of the weather now and just want it to warm up a bit!