Monday, 12 October 2009

Ups and downs

Some good advice from Beth and Ishmael. Which I will try and follow.

I guess I had mixed success (failure) over the weekend. I had a sensible breakfast on Saturday morning - and then I ate some cookies. Lunch at the pub was nigh on impossible - I tell you, there were NO healthy choices. I dithered over roast partridge or a steak baguette and went for the latter. Which came with chips. And it wasn't really what I wanted - I wanted a ploughmans but figured all the cheese would be too calorific. I turned down pudding but later that day had a chocolate biscuit cake at teatime - but I cut it in half and gave the other half away. Then I had a frugal supper. I was worrying about the fact that bf had bought sticky toffee pudding for dessert and wondering if I could get away with eating a third rather than a half - and then he got stomach ache and didn't want any supper at all so that answered that. I didn't eat any of the pudding - I'd felt morally obliged to join in with it but was fretting about the calories. I know, I know, I can say 'no'. In theory. In reality I'm hopeless at this.

I just had some yoghurt and granola for breakfast on Sunday and then didn't drink with lunch as I'm not keen on alcohol during the day (it always gives me a headache) and thought it would off-set the blackberry and apple crumble cake (which was gorgeous). Then I just had half a melon and some chestnuts for supper.

I feel that I ought to have done better. I actually have sores on the sides of my breasts where my bras are cutting in so deeply, post weight-gain. And I'm not convinced that I have enough outfits I can fit into for work this week. And I'm frightened to try stuff on and see.

Today I managed to get up in enough time to have breakfast and do the Circuit of Hell. I didn't leave in enough time to do the full walk in to work so - gasp - compromised and did a shorter walk! This was not an all or nothing action! Perhaps there's hope for me yet....


Call Me Ishmael said...

Hey Peridot, I think you did pretty darn good! No alcohol on Sunday to offset your dessert -- very smart. Avoiding the ploughmans and sticking with a steak sandwich at the pub -- good choice. And you gave away half your Saturday dessert. Overall, sounds like you made the best of a challenging situation. I'd view it as a positive and move on from there. It totally sucks when nothing in the closet fits -- it's panic-inducing. But don't worry. You'll reverse it. Your fresh back from a vacation and getting back into your groove and it'll take a few days to kick in with tangible results. The pendulum will start to swing the other way again as you pick up your prior habits. I know it will -- believe it.

Lesley said...

Sounds to me as though you are getting there and Rome wasn't built in a day etc etc

Congratulate yourself on your good choices and learn from the ones you're not so happy about, And don't fret about clothes, it'll be fine.

Big hugs chuck.

Lesley x

Alice said...

Wow- I think you did really well! Certainly better than I would have in your situation. If you don't agree, you should still focus on all the things you DID do well, rather than the things you regret.