Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Still lurgified

I am at home again today. I felt shivery, spaced out and hot and cold all of yesterday. It's annoying that the only time you have to do stuff is when you have a day off like this - but when you have a day off like this you can only listlessly move from sofa to bed and back again. I guess that's why I'm not at work! Otherwise it's called skiving....

On the food front I did well in the end yesterday. I had porridge with 4 walnut halves for breakfast, then I had some sweet sesame peanuts I brought back from Turkey (bad) and to make up for that, had no snacks all day (I'd usually have a cereal bar and some yoghurt)! I had half a carton of onion soup for lunch with a small homebaked wholemeal roll (about the size of a satsuma) with low fat cream cheese and 2 satsumas, then I had 2 figs drizzled with a tsp olive oil and a little more pomegranate sauce (again something I brought back from Turkey - it's like balsamic really) and 4 slices of parma ham and a mango. Another day like that (which is what I've planned) and I'm hoping that when I'm back in clothes that my bras at least won't cut in so much - it also gives the sores there a chance to heal up. But of course I'm not actually burning any calories as I'm not moving at all. I kind of feel I should do Circuit of Hell today but I'm not sure I'm up to it - we'll see.

Thanks for your well wishes!


Lesley said...

That food sounds lovely. I wish my sensible diet eating was a bit more exotic! Will have to make more of an effort.

Well done for not giving in to comfort eating.

Be gentle with yourself when ill though.

Lesley x

Lainey. said...

I agree with Lesley - take it gently. You don't want to end up prolonging any illness.

Good work on not stuffing yourself with creamy mash and the like when feeling miserable.


Call me Ishmael said...

How're you doing Peridot? Does that cold still have hold of you? Hope not.
-Ish in nyc

Lesley said...

Hope you're still not ill??!

Get well soon.

Lesley x