Thursday, 7 August 2008

Who needs men?

Met up with a friend last night - it's the first time we've properly got together and chatted and it was fabulous! I left on almost a high and despite going to buy bf pizza from M&S on the way home, managed to avoid all naughtiness - because I felt happy I think. Friend and I were joking that it was like a date - the whole actually getting together and would we get on or not thing - and I doubt that a mere man could give me that shot of happiness that a good girly chat can achieve.

Which is all the better as I had a particularly naughty day yesterday - I had a meeting first thing in a private company where they'd provided breakfast from Pret. If you work for the public sector you tend to have that student mentality around anything free and I had half a breakfast baguette, a muffin (let's be honest, a cake), a glass of apple juice and some fruit. Then had some sweets from the smack table and a few chocolates. So it was a pack-free and senseless day on the eating front. Must get back on track for these last couple of weeks. And I need to work out what I can do in the future - both to lose weight and to not put weight on. It's a big question and I don't feel equipped to answer. I know some of what I must NOT do but that doesn't make it any easier actually.


Lesley said...

Isn't it great when you meet someone for the first time and really get on.

When you said it was like a date, it reminded me of a time me and a female college friend had been trying to get together for dinner for weeks and had eventually settled on one particular Thrusday not realising at the time that it was Valentines Day. When we met at the very bijou spanish restaurant, it was FULL of smoochy couples an the spanish waiters had set us up at the most prominent table obviously trying not to discriminate and assuming we were a couple. They made it so obvious that they thought we were together and were so clearly both fascinated and shocked by the thought that we couldn't help kind of playing up to it (in a minor way...)....really funny.

I often think you can have a better night out with the girls than with the bloke anyway...

Forget the bad stuff and take away the good.

Lesley xx

Mrs said...

What news lovely P? How's your group working out? Are you managing to get a word in sometimes?!

Hope you are finding your way.

Big fat kiss.

Mrs Lxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx