Wednesday, 21 May 2008

Labrador frenzy in Wales

Back from 10 days away. Initially a weekend with my brother in Cheshire and then just over a week in his ENORMOUS caravan in N Wales. Labs had a wonderful time - long walks every day and Lily (chocolate bruiser) swam every day (irrespective of screamed instructions from us) and Cheska (silly beagle in a Labrador suit) paddled in a wussy manner. We got her to swim on the last day so hopefully she'll be keener next time - we can't have a Lab who doesn't swim! Wales was very pretty - sort of a cross between Cornwall and Scotland - and we had fabulous weather for most of the week. The walking was lovely as long as we ignored all the no dogs on beach signs - the beaches were completely deserted anyway and we would always clear up after the dogs.

My attempts to resist carbs fell at the first hurdle. The night we got there (my mum, her 2 Labs and me) they got in a Chinese - and even the spare ribs were battered! I ate very sparingly and sensibly. Then for breakfast was offered the choice of buttermilk pancakes, croissants or chocolate brioche! I know that Marissa says we should be okay to say we don't eat things - like a vegetarian - BUT I don't think it's like being a vegetarian, I'm just picky about what I eat. I don't want to be one of those people who are a nightmare to cater for. There are times when I will have to give in with good grace and this was one. Have to say I REALLY enjoyed the buttermilk pancakes but was very hungry again a few hours later. And this was how the week went (as I fell spectacularly from the carb-free wagon) - if I had a carby breakfast (principally Welsh cakes!) I was starving by 11am. If I had scrambled eggs or mock oatmeal (no oatmeal included obviously) I was fine to have our picnic lunch at 2.30pm after at least a couple of hours of walking. It really made me realise that for me at least, the low carb thing does work - at least in terms of regulating my blood sugar and (physical) appetite. Jury's still out on the weight loss thing.

What I have to guard against though, is the 'all-or-nothing' mentality. Having had to have carbs at my brother's, I should then have returned to the pink path of virtue. Instead, I saw it as carte blanche to have chocolate (most days), cake (most days), Welsh cakes (often), potato (3 times), fruit (every day), ice creams (several times), sweets (most days), bread (twice), fish and chips (once), pasta (twice) and chocolate milk (once). Consequently I have put on 6lbs. Arggghhhhhh. Had optimistically hoped that walking for most of the day would offset it (last year I lost 4lbs!).

Not quite sure where this leaves me, hypnosis-wise either. I took the disc to listen to in bed before I fell asleep but it was faulty and wouldn't play. Would it have made a difference? I don't know.

So today - after barely sleeping last night but listening to the generic Marissa CD (not the one of my session) - I dragged myself out of bed for a run. Given that it's been less than a fortnight since I last ran, and that I've hardly been inactive in the interim, I was pretty shocked at just how hard it was. My lungs are still feeling bruised.

Had a small and almost acceptible amount of dark chocolate this lunchtime (in mourning for the +6lb diet) and I was indifferent to the taste - something Marissa said would happen. I just have to stop myself wanting it in the first place. And generally wanting to eat even when I'm not hungry. Hopefully the CD will help with this. Although b/f was thrashing about in a seemingly irate manner last night in bed whilst I was listening so I suspect listening to it in bed before I go to sleep is not an option. I did say to him to let me know if it disturbed him but I found it difficult to relax whilst I was worrying about this. May have to de-camp to the sofa but it's not exactly friendly behaviour.

Got to get this 6lbs off and then the next 1/2st which will take me to my lowest weight. Then another 1/2 to get under the next stone bracket down. Sounds easy? No! But I'm going to give it a good shot....

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Mrs said...

I loved your blog - with your news. Hooray, I thought, she's back!

Do you know what struck me most? Here's what I thought -

"but she ran"!!

So really well done!

More Marisa news! I really am fascinated. Big kiss.

Mrs Lxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx