Friday, 30 May 2008

The big sulk

I have been slightly sulking as nobody gave me any advice on diets. Then I thought, less people to offend when I blatently ignore their advice. Then again, the people who were reading may have just got too bored to continue with my self-indulgent ramblings! And who could blame them?!

I'm going to stick with the IPD. As seductive as a quick weight loss on CD would be, I really don't like the packs (would be different if LL where the new bars and some shakes (banana (with either chocolate or strawberry) principally) were quite nice) and I think it would be hard to keep to and hard to re-adjust afterwards. This could easily all change again though. Naughty R - my LL/CD buddy does have some LL packs so I might think about having those from her. It won't be a month's worth though - probably a week. And obviously wouldn't necessarily be the flavours I want/like. Will have to see how I do but have that in the back of my mind.

And I've lost 4-5lbs since I've been off the carbs so I've had that initial post-carb drop and now it remains to be seen what happens as a weekly loss. I would hope with the running that it will be 2lbs. But I've also read some interesting posts about the unlucky ones (whose merry band I inevitably join) who DO need to calorie count too to a certain extent - especially as snacks of cheese and nuts can really push up calories consumed. Bah. I have a couple of modest snacks of nuts a day and a small cheese which doesn't sound too bad but I'll need to keep an eye on it - maybe only one nut snack a day. I definitely have an urge to snack that's psychological and rather than physical. Not sure how to get over that one either - other than just willpower which I always have a deficit of.

I've only run once this week too. Was going on Monday and the rain was torrential - so went to our small, smelly "fitness room" in our block only to find that neither treadmill would go above snail speed. Error 6 apparently - which I suspect can be found in the manual with the explanation "too dangerous to let this lard arse attempt anything faster than a shuffle in case she corks it and sues us". So I ran Tuesday morning in the park as usual but got ill Wednesday evening (sick, dizzy, headache) and still haven't recovered properly. But I now feel very panicky that I've not run the allotted 3 runs this week, nor have I got any hope of doing so now (even if I suddenly felt well again) although I may try and squeeze one in tomorrow if I'm feeling up to it - and indeed am up at all since I'm positively slathering at the thought of a lie in tomorrow. And that's after a day off, sick. When I couldn't sleep - how annoying is that? I lay fretfully in bed, feeling all sick and dizzy and unable to escape it by abandoning consiousness!

Next week I'm going to have to run on 2 consecutive days anyway to get my run quota in, which isn't ideal either(Mon, Wed, Thu if you're interested!). But I think better to do 3 runs if not evenly spaced than just do 2. I guess Thursday's may be more than usually tough. I'd better see those pesky scales sliding downwards....


Mrs said...

Hey sulky chum!

Sorry I did not leave any comments. Guess what? I am out of ideas. I really am.

I have to say though that I am seriously (still) impressed with your commitment to running. Vvvv good!

How was the weekend?

Big kiss.

Mrs Lxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Ameythist said...

Hi Peridot - Have you considered Slim Fast? Since I did LL and CD I find a couple weeks of slim fast whips me back into shape and it is no hardship or great cost. A smoothis for breakie, a shake or soup for dinner, bars or savouries for snacks then a 600 cal meal. Give it a whirl

luv Ameythist

Peridot said...

Hi Ameythist,

Thanks for your comment. What's your story? I remember your name from Minimins. Did you get to goal? Would love to know.