Thursday, 22 May 2008

Diet dilemmas

In the shower today I found myself musing over whether I should return to the dreaded Cambridge Diet for a month to 6 weeks. A month should bring me back to my lowest weight to date and 6 weeks should bring me to half a stone below that - and just about into the next stone down. I don't know what to do....

The case for:
  • Rapid weight loss. In a nutshell. I'm depressed at being in the next stone bracket up (all self induced I know)
  • Only for a short space of time (we're at friends for Saturday 19 July and overnight)

The case against:

  • I'd be very upset if I didn't get that stone and a half
  • I'd be moody as hell doing the diet again I suspect
  • I hate the shakes etc (Lighter Life was so much more palatable but that's not an option - too expensive)
  • I'm sitting here eating a delicious prosciutto and avocado salad (btw pea tops - ohmygod how delicious are they - anyone who's allowed to eat such dangerous things as leaves run to Waitrose right now and buy them - yuuuuummmmmmy)
  • Would I be giving the hypnosis a proper go? I've eaten 6 sweets today so not quite there yet in any case.
  • I want to carry on with the running. Given that going back to it after less than a fortnight nearly finished me off (my lungs were still burning last night!), I couldn't stop for 6 weeks and then pick it up again!
  • I do believe that the ipd/low carb thing works for my body - it keeps my appetite down and my blood sugar stable. I would go back to it in any case. I haven't had the success that so many have with weight loss though.
  • Would I start from scratch in having to go another 9 months with a depressed metabolism?

What to do? I know there are many more points against than for - BUT by mid July, IF I stuck to it, I could be a stone and a half lighter (perhaps more if the running kicks in). When I think about this I feel keen but then I think about not eating and it seems too hard. Oh dear, I'm in a dither....

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