Thursday, 5 May 2016

Not waving but drowning

Yes, okay.  I said I’d write twice a week.  I said a lot of things.  And, as we know, the way to hell is paved with good intentions.  Although I’ve never quite understood why you don’t get points for at least trying.  Harsh.

Overall I’m holding steady.  But underneath that top layer is a whole mess.  I’m doing well at the stave days, am wildly erratic on the other weekdays and putting on too much at the weekends.  I have got to get a grip.  I’ve not achieved anything since the beginning of the year and I am not at a weight where a bit of faffery would not be a disaster.  I’m at a loss to know how to hold myself to account – the blogging twice a week was supposed to do that and look how well that went! 

It is the time of year where we do extra long hikes but frankly, this has never made an iota of difference to my weight and I don’t see why this would suddenly change.

Every night I tell myself firmly that there will be no deviation – but I’m not achieving this sufficiently often to have any result.  What to do?  I’m fresh out of fresh ideas – other than digging deep and sustaining the period of resolve into waking hours.

Wish me luck, determination and godspeed (I typed this wrongly as dogspeed – which I like the sound of other than that my mother’s dogs are Labradors and not therefore a good example in terms of greed).


Lesley said...

I wish you ALL the best as ever.

So, as I see it, 2 problems: accountability/sticking to it and actually getting results? Accountability - I used the chart stuck up with notes of food/exercise etc and colour coded smile or sad faces. Instant reward for a good day and visual representation of how you're doing so you can't be too hard on yourself. Your chimp is devious and twists things. Writing stuff down helps.

Actually dropping weight - exercise always helps me. Regular and sweaty. Worth a try?? Lxx

Seren said...

I wish that I had something sensible to suggest.

I think Lesley is wise re accountability. None of us can control the scales, but measuring success in some other way might be helpful. I like gold stars. If you focus on what you CAN do then you just then have to hope that the scales follow.

Dogspeed dear friend (and YES come and join the Scottish island cafe idyll!)


Lesley said...

Yes, okay, cafe is a go but I might be a summer only partner or miss alternate weekends in winter due to footballing commitments!!