Friday, 1 May 2015


Well.  I don’t know what’s going on, dear Reader.  I’m pretty much speechless and totally mystified – I lost 4lbs.  I’m now half a lb off my first stone (in 6 weeks).  Maybe I have good results every other week?  Maybe the fact that I missed several whole meals offset the small indulgences of early in the week?  Maybe the mole I had removed had the disproportionate weight of some sort of mysterious heavy mass?  I don’t know.  I wish I did as I’d like losses like this every week (please).  Ideally without the mole removal which involved cutting and burning and has left me with a sore arm.  Would I put up with this for a 4lb drop every week?  Well, probably but it doesn’t seem the most practical or sane plan.

I didn’t go out for drinks with my friend – that may have helped.  And I didn’t go out with her because I had a migraine – this was the reason for some of the skipped meals.  I’m out with her on Tuesday instead.  And we have P’s nephew and fiancée over for supper tonight (basic supper as when we went there it was breaded chicken strips in tortillas (and then a plate of biscuits (basic ones) for pudding?????) and we don’t want to look flash: meatball lasagne with salads and then tiramisu (P’s favourite)).  Basic it may be but not SW friendly – too cheesy, too pudding and, for my version, too carby.

And last night we had an unexpected visit from a friend.  I had three large glasses of wine and skipped supper to compensate – and now I feel horrible.  At the moment I do not feel like meatball lasagne, tiramisu or wine.  My breakfast (yoghurt (Seren: you were right about the Liberte yoghurt – better than Fage even) and berries) is still sitting on my desk.  Bleurgh.  What a feeble reaction to 3 glasses – however large. 

Tomorrow will be spent painting our railings.  Let no-one say we don’t know how to lead a crazy-fun, hedonistic lifestyle.  Does this burn a lot of calories?  I doubt it.  It is likely to make us hungry though so I’ll need to watch that.

Even with my weird fortnightly cycle of losses predicting a small loss for this week, I’d like to at least get that ½ lb off to make it a stone.  Obviously more would be better!  Please keep your metaphorical fingers crossed for next Thursday.

Happy bank holiday weekend all.


Lesley said...

Brilliant news!! Hopefully a stone in 7 weeks and that is awesome!! Long may it continue and you keep the pressure on. Big hugs sweets, so pleased for you. Lxx

Seren said...

Ohhhhh, brilliant, well done! EVERYTHING crossed for you!