Monday, 13 April 2015

WI woes

Dear Reader, feel my pain: I put on 1lb last week.  I know, I know, it was Easter week but I had been really careful in moderating my consumption so I confess I was disappointed.  In the spirit of a glass half full (albeit of syn-free water) here’s what I learnt and will try to do:
  • Exercise makes no difference.  Never think it does.  Killing yourself is laudable I suppose, just don’t expect that SoD will be remotely impressed. 
  • Measure the impact drinking has on weight loss.  I’ve kind of stopped drinking water/green tea.  I have 2 cups of green tea a day and a coffee and that’s pretty much it.  I’ll try upping my water consumption and seeing what impact it has.
  • The other drinking.  I love wine.  I got my exams which qualify me as a sommelier – that’s the extent of my dedication.  But even drinking just at the weekend uses all my syns (*cringe*) for the day.  Not quite sure what to do here.  I don’t think I can give up wine – and sharing a good bottle is part of my relationship with P.  I can limit it to 2 bottles a week – and make sure he has more than half of each of those bottles.  A bottle of fizz followed by a bottle of wine (shared, dear Reader, shared) is going to have to be very infrequent.  Which is a shame as that’s a favourite Saturday night – fizz and the FT links quiz (try it: it’s amazing), then a bottle with dinner.  You have carte blanche to roll your eyes at my very small life!  The quiz may have to be accompanied by a gin and low cal tonic.  Not exactly a hardship but I LOVE fizz.  And we have 3 good bottles currently...  And that STILL tips me over the syn edge.

The SW site has a kind of predictor line – it’s a good tactic to motivate me.  Except at the moment it’s predicting I never get anywhere!  I’m like a flatline of death – stretching as far as the eye can see at full on blimp mode.  I’m hoping it’s a statistical blip and as I put more data in, it will revise its harsh opinion.  I’m hoping it’s not an omen or a tool gifted with foresight.  We shall see. 

Where the SW site is pretty ancient is in adding new syns (*cringe*) against food.  I seem to recall that with WW you could scan barcodes in which was very impressive.  I typed Lindt Creations lemon chocolate into the SW site and it wondered if I meant lemon sole.  Or a variety of absolutely non-allied food stuffs. 

In other SW news: I’ve caved to evil sweeteners.  I really think they’re bad news but there we go.  What broke me was having quark with a tsp of cocoa and a 1/3 tsp of sweetener as a ‘something sweet’ after dinner.  A single syn (*cringe*) in total and as I’m trying to keep the syns (*cringe*) really low during the week, it seemed like a necessary evil. 

At the weekend, I often skip one or both of my ‘healthy eating’ allowances to offset syn-nage – what is milk, after all, when compared with lovely wine?!

And my final bit of SW news: if you’re on SW too, have a look at this lady’s site –  - there are many, many good sounding recipes on there.  The Hunters’ Chicken is another reason I decided to cave on the evil sweetener front.  I’ve not had it yet but it’s definitely pencilled in – as are many of the others.

This week I’m going to have to have a WI after less than a week as I’m not at home Thursday morning.  I feel a bit panicky as I feel like I need every hour of the full week.  I could really do with a better result this week.


Seren said...

Oh, lovely wine, I would certainly be SIGNIFICANTLY smaller without it. D and I are really trying to cut down at the moment, but, as you say, it's such an integral part of Saturday (although that quiz I have yet to come across - must give it a try!)

I'm so sorry about the scales. But I'm pretty sure that three weeks (?) is not enough to create an accurate trend line. Chin up, lovely.


Gabby said...

Yes I agree that you need to look very long term before you can call anything a trend. Especially if (sadly) you're the type to lose weight very slowly.
I hear you on the wine. It's one reason I've never been able to cope with any non calorie-counting based diet.

Stephbospoon said...

I've been there. People sat "how can you lose weight eating so much" & I always used to reply "because SW discourages you from eating cake, chocolate, biscuits, bread & booze!" I lost 4 stone on it, but I never ate bread and hardly ever drank. When I did it the only saving grace was you could have 4 healthy extras, so I could have cereal AND crispbread & cheese, but when they did away with that it was far too restrictive and I defected to weight watchers!