Friday, 17 April 2015

In SoD we trust (ish)

Hold on to your hat, dear Reader, I lost 3lbs!  On the down side, I don’t know quite what I did to warrant this.  But the plus side... well, I think you can work that out!  This is a Lighterlife rate of loss – and in fact, I did not lose as much as 3lbs most weeks,

And it means I’ve lost 9lbs overall (when you take into account the 1lb I put on) which has taken me into a different stone bracket.  Still a goodyear-blimp stone bracket, but the psychological effect of going down a bracket is not to be sneezed at.  In fact, I keep having anxiety twitches that I misread the stone bit and have in fact put ON 11lbs.  Logically I know that cannot be the case but I still have to keep talking myself down from that point.

My tracking data is still disappointing though.  How can statistical tools have it in for you?!  It’s accepted that I’m going down but refuses to accept I’m ever going to get below a further stone down!  I’d find it really motivational if it showed the projected progress to target.

Anyway, I’m taking a 3lb loss as definite honeymoon material – and I would stress in response to people saying that a loss of 1.5lbs was good, that I completely agree, it’s just that the first couple of weeks I always hope for slightly better results.  I’d certainly be happy with 1.5lb as a steady weekly loss.  I’d like to (if it’s possible and I feel like I’m tempting fate just saying this) lose a stone every three months.  Now, I believe the received wisdom is that a stone every two months is very achievable – so I’m taking into account my historic sluggish losses.  I know, it’s only been 4 weeks so I’ll have to see how I go since I absolutely accept that the first month of a diet is not a template for how it will go thereon in. 

I saw rather a nice idea in the SW mag – someone had bought one of those Pandora bracelets and put a bead charm on for every stone she lost.  I don’t wear silver but if I can find an equivalent in some other material (copper, gold plated, whatever) I may copy this.  I can’t think of a more significant way of reminding yourself a lot of what you’ve achieved to date.  After a quick and furtive look, I may be able to get a leather bracelet and beads from Trollbeads (what a name!) and although the clasps and ends of the beads are silver, it wouldn’t really show too much.  Now all I have to do is lose another 5lbs.  On. It.


Stephbospoon said...

Yay! Go you!

Seren said...

Fantastic well done! And I love the idea of the bracelet - the trollbead ones are gorgeous.

Just an observation: all us dieters have kind of been raised to believe in the honeymoon period but I'm hearing more and more anecdotal evidence on the WW message boards to suggest that it is far from always the case. If you think about it, those initial big losses are often down to things other than pure fat loss - fluid retention, for example, and if your diet hasn't been catastrophically bad up to the point when you start on any given regime, you're just not going to have the extra guff to lose.

Anyway, am SO pleased for you - it sounds like you're in a regime that really suits you at the moment. I hope you are able to (sort of) enjoy it as well.


Lesley said...

Yay!! Go you and go SW!! I know you struggle with syns snd low fat stuff but perhaps it's time to embrace what works??! I'm sooo pleased for you now KEEP IT UP!! Lxxx