Friday, 20 December 2013

Christmas? Take a hike!

Although to be honest I could do with delaying Christmas for a fortnight, I am looking forward to a weekend of not really doing very much.  Yes, we’ll try and do the majority of the Christmas shop on Sunday (no lie-in for me) but on Saturday we’ll do our hike to the pub for lunch and home – blissful.  Assuming it’s not tipping it down.  I am not sure how I will fit in some of the chores and I’m kind of in denial about that.
I’m still in full-on self-hatred mode about – primarily – my weight.  It’s feeble, but I know that it could be worse.  Not in the way I look admittedly (or surely not much) but I’m not going in to shops and thinking ‘what can I eat?’, nor am I eating everything ‘just in case’ I’ll fancy it once the diet begins.  I’m trying to at least think about what I want to eat and why.  I am filing that under ‘too little, too late’ but although feeble, it’s at least a sign that I haven’t given up entirely.
I have a cold, sinusitis and a burgeoning mouth ulcer which is definitely a sign that I need to stop for a bit.  I finish for Christmas on Christmas morning at 9am and then I don’t have to do any work until the 2nd January.  Although we have my mum over from Christmas Eve to Boxing Day morning – with her 3 large dogs.  In our quite small flat.  And one of the dogs is a thief.  I sense stress.  But on the 26th we will be off to Suffolk which is when I’ll be able to relax.
And then I’m working the 2nd, 3rd and 4th with the 5th off and back again on the 6th.  The early part of next year is looking pretty grim for work so I’m trying not to think that far ahead. 
I’m hoping to update next week – but just in case, have a wonderful Christmas all/


Seren said...

Have a wonderful Christmas, kleptomaniac dogs and all.


Lesley said...

Have a lovely Christmas break and try to relax as much as possible. You need the rest. Big hugs to all. L xx