Friday, 15 November 2013

At a loss to get a loss

It’s been one of those weeks where I only catch my breath for long enough to SCREAM with frustration.  All due to work of course.

So I’m very ready for the weekend.
But first, last weekend: was low-key but lovely.  Thank you everyone for the anniversary wishes.  We did one of our favourite hikes of 8 miles on Saturday with a pub at the halfway point where we had a lovely lunch and they brought us a free glass of fizz each and a decorated mini cake thing to share.  We didn’t even get that when we got engaged!  Then more fizz and blinis that night (too full for dinner).  Another walk on Sunday in the sunshine before going home and cooking Chateaubriand to have with a really nice bottle of wine.  Monday I got a cold and felt dreadful but we were only travelling back to London in any case.
This weekend the weather is allegedly nice on Saturday so we plan a longer walk to make the most of it.
And the diet?  Ah, I feel quite dispirited.  I don’t know what to do really.  I don’t think the starve thing is working and I do find it very hard.  Of course, the non-starve days are really easy.  Maybe too easy.  I don’t know, maybe I try to carry on with the starve thing and be more disciplined on the non-starve days until Christmas and re-evaluate in the New Year?  I can do 3 starve days next week but only 1 the following week.  I’ll see how I get on next week I guess.  It would help if work could be less busy, frustrating and lonely.

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Seren said...

Sounds like a wonderful anniversary and I hope this weekend was equally good. When work is stressful (I sympathise at the moment!) we need to make sure the weekends are as nice as possible to try and get a bit of a recharge.

With everything else going on at this time of year I think you're probably right to not make any major changes between now and Christmas. But if the starve days aren't working for you - and they do sound most unpleasant - perhaps it is worth a revisit.

Courage, mon brave.