Friday, 16 August 2013

Weak week

I’ve not done very well this week.  I only had two starve days scheduled in because I was going to be meeting friends – then on starve day #1 I felt quite ill.  Here I was, on this blog, smugly writing that although excuses for not doing a starve day regularly popped into my head, I didn’t act on them.  Until I did.  I woke up with a really sore throat and an upset stomach and just couldn’t bear it.  Not good.  As it turns out, I had a horrible day at work (office politics at our place suck majorly) and I’m not sure that wouldn’t have broken me in any case. 
It’s less of a big deal when I have three starve days as I can always come up with the excuse that I do one more than is required anyway.  Firmly putting aside my imperviousness-to-diets skills.  But when it’s two and I botch one, I’m just not doing it.
Today is my second starve day – or rather my first – and it’s also going to pot.  I’ve eaten a nectarine and someone has bought me a latte.  This is enough to throw you out when you only have 500 calories.  I have a salad of leaves, half an avocado and some prawns so I’ll have to have a tot up but I suspect the salmon fillet I had earmarked for dinner is going to be too many calories.  Which means I’ll have to chuck it as I got it out of the freezer on Wednesday – I do hate wasting food.
And in the meantime I have had a whole bag of marshmallows (I read that they’re good for a sore throat; only by making you feel so sick it acts as a destraction), a bottle of wine (shared) after my very bad day, a curry (frugal but still), a Deep South meal (oh how I love a well executed cornbread) which included more wine and a cocktail and 3 walnut whips (see bad day.  Not part of the Deep South cooking).  This is over the course of a week, not on one hideously over-indulgent day.  But in no-one’s language is this a diet.  Unless you were trying to pile on the pounds.  Which I’m not.  Trying, that is – I fear very much that I actually am. 
The outlook isn’t good either.  Next week is looking like a two starve day week and then we’re away for a long weekend for my birthday.  This already includes breakfasts at a B&B which makes the best blueberry pancakes, an Indian (I’m not even mad about Indian food!), a seafood lunch on a barge in the middle of a river, a cream tea, a pub lunch and dinner at a very beautiful country house restaurant.  Amongst others.  It does include at least one, more likely two, very hilly hikes.  But still.
This weekend?  Well, I’m working tomorrow (booooo) but hopefully from the tinhut, technology allowing.  Otherwise it’s a quick turnaround and dash back to London.  Working means no hiking of course.  I am however seeing both my bridesmaids (separately) which will be lovely.

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