Monday, 10 December 2012

On the (cream) horns of a dilemma

It’s the classic fat girl’s vicious circle: I want to look nice so I want to buy something new but I want to lose weight so should I buy anything new and can I look nice anyway? But I want to look nice... etc etc
I have spent the past three days dithering over a dark green leather pencil skirt. It’s a bit reduced but we’re still looking at the best part of £100. Which makes it an investment buy – and I don’t want to be wearing this size by next winter. Of course, I’ve said that for the last god-knows-how-many years and essentially I’m much the same size but I’ve got to still hope – because if I don’t, I’ll stop trying and then will balloon to pre-LighterLife days no doubt.
There is also a navy sequin pencil skirt but I reluctantly accept that I have nowhere to wear this anyway. All the magazines etc make me paranoid this time of year – it’s all about this party outfit and that festive make-up look/nails/hair. Yes, I tend to see more friends in the run up to Christmas but I don’t have any Christmas parties to go to – is it just me? My social life is clearly not as dazzling as it might be. Tragically I’m most excited about seeing The Hobbit – and a sequin skirt is not required for that. Admittedly one of my best friends will be in town and I’m meeting her – something we only get the chance to do rarely – but I think she might be bemused if I turned up in full party gear. And possibly a bit scared.
The weekend was not as virtuous as I hoped but not as sinful as it could easily have been. The only thing I really, really regret was the piece of Viennetta I had at P’s parents. I don’t like Viennetta – I never have done –but felt obliged to eat it for politeness’ sake. P felt the same, I discovered afterwards. I’m amazed it’s still available – thought it had died out in 1982.
We had a bit of drama when one of the members of the choir I sing with collapsed mid-performance. In true the-show-must-go-on style, he was shunted on to a pew to await the ambulance whilst we carried on merrily carolling. It felt a bit inappropriate. Still, with most of the choir in their 70s+, I now understand why we have to wear black to all performances.

Thanks for all the comments - good to know you're all still out there! Caroline - have thought about Slimfast but it doesn't fit very well with the low-carb thing, indeed au contraire.



Badger said...

I love Vienetta! We treat ourselves to it all the time.....perhaps this is where I'm going wrong! x

Lesley said...

I'm in the anti-Viennetta camp too - surprising as we don't usually agree on foodstuffs!

It's just not icecream!

I'm with you on the new clothes thing too. I have managed to avoid having to buy stuff this Christmas by slimming into last year's buys - phew! However, in the summer I HAD to buy a load of tee-shirts as mine were catastrophically worn, stained, tatty. Now I fear I bought too late, too many and too big as they will hopefully not get any wear next year as too large(fingers crossed!).

However, on the tee shrit front, if I had succumbed to new stuff early in the year, would I have felt comfortable and not had the impetus to get going as I eventually did in September?? It's a tough call the new clothes question....

I know I have a raft of nice stuff at the next 2 sizes down so if I can just keep dropping I'll never have to shop again!! By sizes I mean the "skinny" 16s and then the comfortable 14s. I'm not even thinking about the 12s......

You could always have the investment skirt taken in??

Lesley xx

Caroline Whymark said...

I hate vienetta.
Buy the leather skirt and wear often thinking of the cost per wear..tiny!!
slimfast so so sweet and sugary, love it. Supposed to be balanced with lots of fat and protein too which makes you full up (in theory anyway). I've now almost completed day 8. After 7 days had lost 3.5lbs which is loads for me in any week on any diet as I'm short (that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it!)
onwards and downwards or even steady at this time of year!

Seren said...

Hmmm. With regards the vienetta debate it has been so long since I tried it I don't know whether it would still appeal - my tooth is not so sweet as once it was.

I'm the same with clothes - I tend to recourse to eBay I must admit but if an item is so beautiful that it makes your heart beat a little faster then I say buy it and see about getting it altered as and when. But then I would also advocate wearing sequins to see The Hobbit (I'm v excited too!!)


Dreaming of being a Skinny Minnie said...

So true about the viscious circle! Did you treat yourself in the ends?
Ps. The Hobbit was amazing!