Friday, 7 December 2012

Coach potato

The word for the week is: supine.  Essentially that's been me.  My life has shrunk to the path from bedroom to kitchen to living room (with a bit of bathroom thrown in).  We live in a flat: I am probably averaging 50 steps a day.

This is because when I try and go further than that - eg an ill-fated trip to work on Wednesday - I have to go home again.  Not because I've forgotten something, but because the world starts tilting and spinning in a tiresome way and I weave along, looking for all the world as if I've been hitting the festive egg-nog in a big way.  But I haven't.  Instead I appear to have an inner-ear infection that renders me a seeming drunk (people actually veer away from me (has its benefits on the tube)).  The problem is that if I'm relatively still, I feel okay - and thus a fraud and incredibly guilty for not being at work.  And I've missed dinner out with friends, my penultimate singing rehearsal, the work Christmas party and a chocolate fair, sigh.

A lesser known side effect of labyrinthitis seems to be the obligatory consumption of carbs.  I've looked at NHS Direct and it says nothing about this and yet it seems to be true.  I've essentially been surviving during the day on hot chocolate (with marshmallows and spray cream) and bread (loaded with either melted cheese or pate).  I hardly need tell you this is not good.  My jeans are feeling tighter and my bras are digging in, leaving wheals when I take them off.  My stomach is bloated, my skin is congested and I feel physically and spiritually bleurgh.  Winter weather plus illness seem to have stolen my resolve.  And yet that honeymoon is only (!) a little over 5 months away and I will have to be wearing evening dresses: I want to enjoy dressing up, not find it traumatic.

So sure, Christmas is coming but I don't have to fatten myself up.  I might not be as strict as in other months but I am veering dangerously to the other extreme; moderation would be a big step forward for me.  So, a fairly feeble plan.  Tomorrow we're at my mother's - some sort of halloumi dish and crumble with a choral performance in between the two.  So I need to concentrate on a modest and abstemious breakfast and lunch.  Sunday we're taking her out for lunch as her festive send-off as she goes to Australia with my brother, the Chav-in-law and my ex-sister-in-law - as well as all three neices and my nephew.  But next week I need to make soup to take in for lunch and concentrate on a good, carb-free week.  I'm out to dinner with my friend J on Monday - she has the appetite of a small mouse so this won't be too hedonistic, Tuesday I'm having my haircut so won't have a chance for dinner, Wednesday I'm singing so again, no dinner, Thursday we're going to see The Hobbit which I'm so excited about that I may not be able to eat anything and then Friday night we're off to Suffolk.  I'm not going to think beyond that - I need to plan and, more to the point, execute a plan for next week before I worry any further ahead.  My plan is essentially yoghurt, berries and seeds for breakfast, home-made carb-free soup and fruit for lunch, more fruit late afternoon to carry me through and a modest carb-free dinner.  Sounds so easy, doesn't it?  And yet it's not.

And blogger-land is sadly silent these days.  I don't know if it's the time of year or whether people are drifting away.  But I'm guilty too.  So I'm going to try and hold myself accountable by posting more regularly  if there's anyone out there, do let me know that you're hanging in there too.


Plumptious said...

I'm here, lurking, but am one of the silent many!

I cannot get it together- I've put quite a bit of chub on, but I can't seem to muster the necessary momentum.

On a separate note, I had labyrinthitis many years ago and I really feel for you- it's awful. It's one of those annoying illnesses that people don't really understand unless they've had it themselves. It's very unnerving to feel so off-balance. I promise you it clears up nicely! :)

Get well soon x

Lesley said...

I've never heard of it but it sounds dreadful!! I hope you recover very quickly. Your schedule sounds like you will need to be better VERY soon!!

Blogland not totally quiet but I too have noticed a dropping off of comments etc. I'm still posting but even I'm down to 2 or 3 a week!

Good luck in finding your low carb mojo too. Just aim to limit the damage before Christmas and then get back motoring before the big honeymoon deadline!

Chin up chuck!

Lesley xx

Cait said...

Still here lurking!

Caroline Whymark said...

HI. I've followed your blog for a wee while now and do enjoy your humorous tones.
I've struggled lately to find my groove after hitting and exceeding my NEVER GO ABOVE THIS WEIGHT level.
Having some success with slim fast (admittedly only this week, currently day 5 and enjoying the discipline.

you could do a lot in 5 months. 0.5-1lb per week could easily equal 2 stones, or you could do nothing, the time will come around anyway.
Hope you feel better soon. caroline

Gabby said...

Oh dear, that sounds awful! Hope you feel better soon.

Please do keep updating! I also need some inspiration to keep me on the straight and narrow over the holiday period.

Love Cat said...

Hello Lovely Lady

I am still here!

I hope you feel better soon! It does not sound like you are having fun in the slightest.

I'm pretty much failing at the healthy eating vibe. Trying, but failing. x

Sarah said...

Still here but struggling to keep up. Was being a bit pants before my internet took OVER SIX WEEKS to move after I moved house.

My boyfriend and mother have (separately) had the inner ear thing. He got given anti sickness tablets - she got a doctor who tried to move the stuff in her ear that was causing it to be all gunky. Difficult to explain and sounded grim but was immediately successful. Good luck.

Sarah x