Tuesday, 18 September 2012


I have about 10 days off now.  I need a break; P needs a break.  It's a good thing.  We are going to stay in an amazing hotel in Devon for two nights (seriously, booking took ages as they consulted me to the minutest detail on our preference for bedding and pillow fillings) and then to the lovely B&B we stay in each May for three nights.  Then a few days in Suffolk as P has leave he needs to use and I need to be with him and away from the office.

I booked the hotel as a birthday present for P; we're eating there on both evenings.  In fact, we know the hotel because we've eaten there twice but have never stayed.  The food is very good but it's the experience that's amazing.  On his actual birthday we're having a seven course tasting menu with matched wines.  It's all amazing and I'm looking forward to it.


I am always scared of the impact that having a life will have on my lardiness.  We'll be eating out pretty much every evening (we may have a room picnic at the B&B one evening), there will be wonderful breakfasts, a cream tea for sure, wine and who knows what other wonderful, terrifying things.  I owe it to P to enjoy it fully with him - he's very patient about the fact we rarely eat together - but I owe it to me to make the best choices I can.  Is it possible to do all this at the same time?

We'll be doing some very hilly hiking too but I'm not naive enough to think that will do much to the balance sheet.  If the weather's like this though, it should be lovely.  At least one pleasure that doesn't come with a side order of fear.

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Lesley said...

I'll miss you hon but have a wonderful time. Just forget about the office and enjoy your time with P. It must be tough trying to have a good time but at the back of your mind having the nagging fear of what the damed SoD will say when you get back.

Trying to think about what I did in London for our Olympic extravaganza (which still resulted in a gain but only a couple of lbs) - I didn't hold back on having fun but stayed v v active and tried not to eat for the sake of it. I tried to remind myself that the point of the holiday is not the eating but the being together and the doing stuff. Obviously some of the doing stuff is having a nice meal but that doesn't include breakfasts or snack lunches etc. One other thing I tried was to keep to Rich's eating timetable. He tends not to snack so that helped.

Good luck and have a great time.

Lesley xx