Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Pride comes before a fall

Huh. The aforementioned fall? Emphatically not one on SoD. No, a fall in spirits, morale and crest. I did not lose an ounce, not a sausage, not a ripple of podge. And after that heroism at the weekend too!

It IS dispiriting – I so want to get on with this. I’m so fed up with being fat and the stifling effect that has on my life. I’ve worked out that from where I am now, I will need to lose ideally 4 stone for a size 10/12 wedding dress. I dimly remember being that weight in my teens..... Of course, I also ideally need to be that weight by April when I’m going shopping for a dress. And again I say ‘huh’. Clearly I’m not so delusional that I think that is in any way possible (not even on Lighter Life). But I would like to lose at least 2 stone between now and April with a further stone and a half between then and November. It ought to be possible – half a stone a month from January to April. But experience leads me to doubt this is possible for me.

Apart from the uber-obstacle of Christmas, this next weekend will be the toughest for me. It’s my mum’s birthday (a biggie) and I’ve said we’ll do whatever she likes. We’re apparently going out to breakfast twice (not tricky with Harcombe) and dinner once (possible if I avoid pudding – although it didn’t do me any good this week) but also a tea shop and she’s hosting a cocktails and cake party on Saturday afternoon – with the cocktails made by me and the cakes made by she and me. I’m planning on once piece of cake for each cake-occasion and no cocktails (sob). I’d like to think this will mean virtue translates into a pleasant SoD experience but....

Seren asked what I eat; this is as best as I can make it, a typical day:

Weekend is scrambled egg with bacon, mushroom and tomato or smoked salmon. Occasionally an omelette.
Weekday at my desk is usually 2 hard boiled eggs wrapped in 4 slices parma ham and some Greek yoghurt.
Home-made soup (veg and meat) with a salad or cold meat and a piece of cheese (brie usually)
Fish or meat with veg in some format. Decaff with cream, piece of 72% chocolate.

I need to eat less chocolate- just at weekends I think – which I’ll do post advent calendar (Hotel Chocolate 70%). I can add the odd glass of wine (weekends only for me) and I can see what effect berries have on me – then other (non-tropical) fruit (oh for a pear). I should be able to add milk too but that may be why I didn’t lose this week – I had c 4 decaff lattes which is more than I’d usually have. Hoping it’s that and not the chocolate or cream anyway but they’ll be next to go I guess.


Lesley said...

Jesus - that's starvation rations to my way of thinking.

Where do you currently stand on exercise- time to get back to some more aerobic stuff and try and fight the flab from both ends??? I know how much you loved running and cycling into work....(ducks and takes cover.....)

Chin up chuck.

Lesley xx

Seren said...

Oh, what a shame! The daily food plan sounds lovely if meagre - but I suppose all the protein is pretty satiating...still, I can see that cocktails and cake probably don't quite fit. As Lesley says, chin up - still plenty of time until April and even longer until November and with your iron resolve I can't see that Christmas will be too much of an obstacle.


starfish264 said...

Maaaaan - your metabolism is stubborn!!! Mind you - when I change to a new routine of eating it always takes a good couple of weeks to show up for me, especially if I was already pretty much healthy eating, and don't have the amazing salt / water losses to use up in the first week. I'd say tough it out a little longer and see where you are. It would be interesting to work out how what you're eating translates into calorie / fat terms, just to be sure, but it certainly looks pretty pared down already.

Hugs x

Claire said...

Harcombe was rubbish for me I'm afraid. First week I lost a few pounds then nothing. It does work for some I'm sure, hopefully for you.

I do just wonder if your metabolism is just knackered. You are hardly eating anything if that's an average day.

Eat more and exercise? That'd be my trad recommendation. Me I've given up on the dieting thing (as well as having the excuse of being pregnant) and have found it far easier to maintain my weight without the pressure of it - I know that isn't an answer for you as you want to be a particular weight for your wedding - so its back to the trad one I'm afraid. x